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I am a woman, trying to stay healthy in body and soul, vegetarian, reader, movie-goer, writer, singer, curious traveler, crocheter, knitter, picture-taker, thinker. I like to laugh, I want to write, and I hope to spark and share conversations with those of you who meet me here. I like to be alone. I hate to be alone. I’ve never met a contradiction without wanting to give it some study. I used to think I was average. I’m not so sure about that anymore. Moby said we are all made of stars. Before him Joni Mitchell said we are stardust and we are golden. In this regard, I think artists may be as good a source as any. I choose to believe. Here I will share stories, experiences and thoughts about all the aspects of life that move me. Sparks in the shadows shine bright. Take a look and see. I was born Kathleen, but you can call me RΓ©.

50 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Re! Can’t find the blasted accent…sorry! I’m enjoying reading your Blog! Also, thanks for stopping by. You ARE most certainly a spark in the shadow. Keep on writing! I’ll keep on reading.

    • Many thanks for the encouragement, and for your nice words! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my writing. (Don’t sweat the accent mark — just hit option ‘e’ and then hit ‘e’ again. My sister had to teach me how to do it!)

  2. I love your “About Me” section. I will be back to visit when I have more time. Thank you for visiting my blog.


      • I wanted to stop by to thank you for your comment on my post yesterday. In case you don’t check, I posted a kind of long reply back. I think I will be writing another post as well in response to your questions, but it may take a while as you’ve given me a lot to think about.


  3. Hi Re,

    I like this sooooo much! I love your self definition, contradiction and definitely your flow. The flow was like a river and ever so intriguing. It makes me want to get to know you. As they say, you either got it, or ya don’t ;).


    P.S. – Write on!!!

  4. Thanks for your kind comments earlier Re’……. I gotta remember to call you Re’! It sounds so much better than “Sparks”…….. if you know what I mean …. πŸ™‚

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  7. Just had to come here to tell you your Lit from Underneath is one of my favorite things I’ve read. Absolutely wonderful piece of writing that’s 100 words echo frequently.

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