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This Thursday in March

I’ve been away too long, lax in communication on my blogs, more than behind in email correspondence. I let important work pile up and haven’t yet answered gentle, inspiring letters that make me smile. (You know who you are, my dear patient friend.) I haven’t been ignoring friends and pressing work in my head, but how would they know? I have to get used to writing things down again, all the thoughts I still have.

I tried to explain in Apology but that expression felt so small afterward.

Still, I keep deciding to ‘talk’, receding afterward into my corner while reeling from the enormity of making a plan, making a sound, being heard. That’s why at this moment my frozen burrito has been in the microwave for more than an hour after the bell pinged. I got a rush of inspiration to do something, then refused to leave my chair until I at least finished this one thing.


So here it is: Six or seven years ago, I wrote a few pieces of music in Garageband. Two are actually kind of decent, I think. One, “Luminaire”, has a little synth bit running through it that I played myself. The other is called “This Tuesday in March” and it’s all choices of preset loops, editing, and affects. I just put the songs on Joseph Gordon Leavitt’s site, HitRECord. I like the collaborative nature of the site and the fact that if anything makes money from being there, each contributor earns their portion. My artist friends should check it out and see what they think.

Here are direct links to the songs:  “Luminaire”     “This Tuesday in March”

Whew. My hands are shaking a little, but I got through this. I really don’t want to be a stranger. There’s too much to say.

Love, Ré


19 thoughts on “This Thursday in March

  1. Lovely to hear from you again! And I’m impressed; I didn’t know you were a musician as well as a writer. Such creativity, and too well hidden. I liked Luminaire, but I really, really liked This Tuesday in March. I had to get up and dance around to that one; too hard to sit still and passively listen.

      • After I posted the comment I was afraid it came off as sounding like I didn’t like Luminaire. I did like that one, too. With doing music with loops like you mentioned, are you familiar with Mihirangi? She has a song called ‘No War’ that was done with looping.

  2. It’s always great to hear from you… whenever I do. I more than understand, my friend. Love this musical element of you. You multitalented woman, you! I especially like the second selection. Got a little Bollywood vibe to it.

  3. Welcome back, Re. We love you and miss you.
    The tracks are wonderful…who knew? A writer and a musician!

    “Luminaire” — Retro feel…move to a funky groove.

    “This Tuesday in March” — Oooooh. A cool, spicy flow of motion and sound, filled with belly dancers, lotus blossoms and colorful birds.

  4. Reblogged this on Water Over Fire and commented:
    Our wonderful friend and writer, Re Harris…not only has exquisite writing chops — but she is a musician too. Her work is up on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord. Give a listen, dance because you’ll want to…. You can download her tracks too.

  5. Glad to see you back here. I, too, disappear for far too long. I’m thrilled to click over and discover In the Forest, Falling. Congratulations! And to discover you writing songs. You inspire me. Always.

  6. Dear Ré!!! I held off joining the party here since I didn’t have a chance to listen, but now I have, so hello. 🙂 “Luminaire” has a kind of buoyant energy I’ve seen in some of your writing, maybe not so much recently, but when we first met. I love the title of “This Thursday in March” — and the rest of it, too. It’s got confidence. I bopped to both songs. 🙂 Big hugs to you, and all love, and welcome back for as long you’re out here with us!

  7. Well hello there, lovely friend. I have been wondering about and missing you. I just (just) saw a comment you made on my blog in March (there is no excuse) and so I checked here, as I have many times, to see if you’d resurfaced. Yay! So wonderful to see your face, so to speak. xoox

  8. I come back here from time to time, looking for my friend Ré, hoping that WP just made some stupid error and took me off your subscription list … that was my hope. I miss you!

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