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Questions, New Stuff, Old Stuff

I’ve had an awfully restless day and should’ve done so many other things, but staying on track has been hard for various reasons.

While trying to focus, my wandering mind and eyes fell in love with a new theme, then figured out how to change the unfortunate address of my first blog so I could put the theme to use. By changing that blog’s address, I can get some use out of it and stop grimacing every time I spy the unusable title on that drop-down menu on the dashboard.

The idea of that blog being something besides a placeholder pointing here or to Words One Hundred, consumed me like wanting chocolate and being told I couldn’t have any, until I tinkered with it and decided to gather a certain kind of work there so I can access it easier and enjoy the new scenery.

No one has to visit there but me, but then I wondered, would anyone want to?

Flower & pot

Photo by Vijay Sonar via Flickr

Hence the question and the poll. You can tell me the truth. Why would I want anything less?

As a thank you for voting, I offer one of my favorite songs from the sixties to listen to as you peruse the answers and maybe leave a comment. I know I’ve needed a summertime love-in these past few days. After watching a documentary about The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, my favorite show so many years ago, I’m feeling as nostalgic as a person can who doesn’t really want to go back. Maybe you’ll find this one soothing too.


24 thoughts on “Questions, New Stuff, Old Stuff

  1. It looks like we’re fifty fifty on the visit not visit side :). Here’s what I think – I’m liable to follow it because you wrote it. That’s why I follow any blog. For me, it’s easier to collect everything on one blog. You seem good at breaking your blogging up by type or genre, hence, why not another one.

    • Yeah, with only two votes so far. I expected that, but somehow I think it’d feel better to have twenty comments saying they wouldn’t be able to visit anything new, than to just get two. That feeds the depression like sugar — makes the depressing thoughts hyperactive.

      Lately I’m getting rid of more spam here than interacting with people. Either WordPress is hiding me from feeds (they do that to all of us sometimes, it seems) or these are just difficult times for everyone. I wish I had chocolate.

  2. My questions back to is: how do you find the time? I have trouble keeping one blog going! I think my problem is that I come on to WordPress to blog but then end up reading other people’s great blogs – including yours!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it. As for the blogs, I’m mostly gathering the poetry from the other two into one place to see how it all looks together. Then whenever I get the urge to write a new one, it’ll go over there, too, if I want to share. After that, one hundred word stories don’t take so long for me to write, and I rarely write more than one a week these days.

      The hardest thing is Entanglement. I need to take care of a few more things in real life and then hunker down and finish it. Apart from stories, I’m finding shorter posts not only easier to write, but easier for time-stressed friends to read.

  3. I loved that song the minute I heard it, years ago.

    I voted that I wouldn’t have time to check out the poetry blog, since you said to be honest… and in this case the honesty falls into the “true but I wish it weren’t” category. The more accurate truth is that I would check it out, but probably wouldn’t be able to follow or comment. It already makes me feel terrible that I get behind on everyone’s existing blogs. 😦 I think you should set it up if you want to, though — and if it won’t hurt to have it there without a big following.

    • Luckily, it’s mostly to see my poems together and see if they ‘hang together’ in a book sort of sense. The more comfortable I am with having written them, the more I wonder if they’re publishable. I may be pulling at straws, but I need to get something ‘out there.’ It may as well be them. The site will come down or morph into something different once I’ve decided.

  4. Can I pick a different answer? I love your poetry, would love to read it, and would visit this blog. With that said, I’ve realized I follow too many blogs and haven’t been able to find time to read them all so I’m cutting out the ones I don’t get to (not yours!). So if there blog posts every week I’m not sure I’d read them. I’d probably manage two or three times a month.Finally, I remember the Smothers Brothers! I had a bit of a crush on Jim Stafford who was a frequent guest on that show. Wow that’s going back a few years. Also loved this song so thanks for the memories.

    • Whoa! I had a crush on Jim Stafford, too. I went to a record store when I was thirteen to get his autograph (I had to beg for permission to go on my first solo bus trip) and was crestfallen when he didn’t show up.

      I’m glad you like my poetry, but don’t worry at all about the poetry blog (it’s listed with the others on my Gravatar info.) As I told Lisa H., besides loving that new blog theme, I’m mainly trying to corral my poems into one place so I can see if they might hold together as a book. I don’t know how long poetry books ought to be, but I think ebooks are changing the rules for just about everything written. I keep thinking that I may as well try.

  5. You follow 2 of my blogs, so only fair that I follow 2 of yours. My vote though was that I never did connect with poetry. I’m even the (rare) type of person who doesn’t listen to music. Yes, we exist. One journalist wrote that this type of person may as well put a sign on themselves that says “I’m allergic to fun”, LOL

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  7. Funny, just like RSITM, I missed this somehow. Anyway, I voted “Yes, if… ” but to be honest I love your poetry so I’d read it anytime. And if you can trot out a poem a week then you are more prolific than I can be, as a rule. I didn’t realise you had a poetry blog going so I’ll pop over there and check it out. I think it’s worth separating out your creativity into different blogs because even though you may stay silent for a while your work is still there and can be found, and as you say, you can see how it reads together.
    Generally, I follow too many blogs to keep up so I’m going to be doing some editing. I hope no-one feels offended. They won’t have noticed I’ve not been around, I suppose. You’ll still be on my list though, Ré.
    Now, gotta shower, I’ll catch up here later. 🙂

    • Thanks, Al. It’s nice to hear that you’d be interested in reading my poems. I added the site to my Gravatar pofile, but I know now that it’s mostly just for sorting out my own thoughts on what I’ve written.

      WordPress may be having trouble with its Reader algorithm (or whatever it is that makes it work.) I’d be missing other people’s posts a lot of the time if I didn’t drop in and take a look. And out of over a hundred ‘follows’ (a lot of which I do realize were probably spam follows) I’ve only got eleven votes so far in this poll. Maybe that happens to everyone who puts up a poll. I wonder if folks know the WordPress polls are anonymous. Anyway, I understand what you mean about editing the blogs you follow. I think we’ve all had to do that. It’s hard following so many talented people who are prolific. So much to read, so little time … I hope we all understand.

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