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A Late Monday Rant – The New Comfort With Obvious Lies, They Think We’re Too Stupid to Notice or Don’t Care If We Do

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Question:What’s the difference between Romney’s statements (especially during Monday night’s final presidential debate for the upcoming election) and an ad campaign for a product you don’t need that might actually be bad for your health?

Answer: None. They’re both working from the point of view that lying and obfuscating facts is perfectly acceptable as long as it confuses you into believing in their product.

Romney’s product that we don’t need is his party’s hope that once he’s elected, they’ll be able to further their actual agenda, the republican agenda that they’re too afraid to explain to us truthfully for fear that we’ll reject it.

That means the truth about the policies they actually want to change (or keep the same) must be truths they would expect us to say no to. That doesn’t bode well for the poor. Nor for the middle class and owners of small businesses that they insist they do want to help.

As I search my mind for the answer to the next logical pressing question: exactly who it is that would benefit from a republican win in this election, all I can think of is the smiling, agreeing faces that watched Romney insult 47% of American citizens. It broke my heart to see so clearly how so many of us don’t matter to the republican candidate for president and those who back him monetarily. My heart broke even more tonight to see just how far the lies go right in front of us. Now it’s acceptable for Romney, the republican candidate for the highest office in our country — the person we would look to for truth in times of difficulty and the person we should be able to trust — to insult the intelligence of citizens by lying to us directly and pretending that we are all insignificant past our ability to vote, definitely too stupid to remember what he has said in the past.

Perhaps he and his political party believe that voters pay much less attention these days, or that the ones of us who do pay attention are too few to matter. Does that justify their tactics?

Or does Romney believe he’s doing us a service by unceremoniously changing the gist of what he’s said previously in the campaign, many times on film where it can be clearly proved, and lying that he never said certain things at all? Are we lucky that Romney’s conscience allows him to think so highly of us?

Until this election, there still seemed to be at least a slightly negative connotation to being caught in a lie, but republicans have decided that times have changed. They must be thinking, if you’re caught, continue lying. What can the voters who care do to you? Most of them aren’t voting for you anyway.

I don’t agree with the republicans that this new development is progress, not by the word’s definition in my dictionary: “progress noun – forward or onward movement toward a destination • advance or development toward a better, more complete or modern condition.”

Or does this definition work for their insidious purposes, too? It could, if only the top per cent matters.

I hope we all remember that not voting plays into the hands of the people who think we aren’t important, the ones who’ve been trying to stop many of us from exercising our precious right, and have succeeded at it too many times.

I read a sentence a week or so ago that felt like an anthem to me. I’ll close with my version of it: Please vote like your future depends on it. It does.



14 thoughts on “A Late Monday Rant – The New Comfort With Obvious Lies, They Think We’re Too Stupid to Notice or Don’t Care If We Do

  1. Well said, Ré. If enough people line up behind a lie it becomes “truth” and that’s what is happening. I pray that Obama holds it and gets back in. Having said that, it has been a crying shame that he has had to horse-trade for any good that he might have been able to do, and that the US’s image around the world only gets better by small degrees. Guantanamo Bay stays open, the Cuban Embargo stays in place, relationships with Pakistan roller-coaster………Republicans only care about themselves…………………just like our Tory Party.

  2. What really breaks my heart is how many people will vote for Romney, even knowing that he doesn’t care a whit about that 47%, or even probably 35% of the people who do vote for him.

    The smirks and the heh-heh-heh’s and the condescending way he speaks (as if we are all 6) just make my skin crawl and my heart fill with dread.

  3. I heard one of the Dem pundits say that Romney’s true talent is making everyone believe he’s lying just to get elected, that underneath it all, “he agrees with me.” I think that’s true. He’s made so many pivots that he’s surely touched on every individual’s point of view at one time or another.

    For myself, I believe what people say behind closed doors to be the most accurate reflection of their true beliefs. Romney thinks we’re a nation of chumps and that’s how he’s playing us. Every vote he gains is proof that he is right.

    • That’s sad, strange thinking, to hear such awful things come out of the mouth of a person we should be able to trust, and not think they say a lot about the person’s character. It makes me think even less of religion if Romney can think that his faith says something good about him while he lies to and insults the majority of the population.

      I hope with every ounce of my being that we prove his side wrong in the election.

  4. I’m repeating myself but it’s so annoying to me when people brag that they’re not going to vote. What are they thinking? It’s as though they think it makes them “against the grain” when really, it just makes them stupid.

    I think Romney changes his statements simply because he sees everything as a personal business opportunity. No lie or change of policy is too great as long as it gets him what he wants.

  5. Hey Sparks,

    One liar down!!! So, we can all sleep a little easier at night :).

    Great post and I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s a very sad sign of the times that people think lying is ok cause, well you know, politicians just do that. Damn it all, it’s like anything else, they will only do what you allow them to. Some how, somewehere along the way, cycnism has bred itself like a cancer into the American fabric and this is just a sign of how far it can go. Thank GOD people took this election very seriously and sent the liar and his cohorts back to their mansions. Where they are no doubt, gathering to discuss their next plan of attack on the wary and exhausted masses.


    • Yes, one liar down. If there were only some way to get back all the money they spent on their lies and use it for some good purpose. How many children could it have fed and given heath care to? I hope the question on the ballots about election spending wasn’t just smoke. I’d rather they just wrote their positions down truthfully and concisely and did interviews that don’t cost anything. And participated in televised debates with good moderators.

      Oh no, I guess we can’t do that. It would separate lazy people from information they need to make a decision. But then again, they might just step up.

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