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Oh, the drag of my feet …


“Weathered” by Joe Vigliotta

Things got slow around here since I celebrated a birthday, tended to pressing errands, then caught a nasty cold last week.

After fighting the cold and resulting low energy (on top of other things these past few days) it’s become clear that I won’t be able to post the twenty-first installment of Entanglement today either. Achieving this goal was on my mind last night as I tried to sleep, eventually drifting off with the characters dominating the time before dreams set in — some vaguely familiar male presence opening the back wall of my bedroom to bring something inside (?) and me watching in awe, even while pleading for him to close it before some wild thing got in. I fell into a deeper sleep after a racoon and a squirrel ran in past my bed and I threw the scant covers over my head in fear of sharp teeth. The deeper sleep that followed lasted three, maybe four, hours and I woke groggy and cold in Chicago’s sudden wintery snap. I’m barely awake now in late afternoon.

I have to walk to the grocery store for a few things. When I return, I have to throw the heavy comforter into the wash so I can wake in the mornings without shivering; then after I feed myself tonight, I may be able to work on the story if it’s not too late. With my cold, and the cold in my house, I’ve decided it’s a very bad idea to stay up all night to write anymore. I may be lucky enough to get an idea for a hundred word story tonight and get that up out of desperation, but tomorrow after a warm sleep, I plan to finish the next installment of Entanglement first, then get to work clearing out some clutter so I can do further work in a cleaner, clearer, more inviting space. That might just be another dream, but I’m determined to try.

The beginning of cold weather has always been my season to clean the house, the way others say spring cleaning feels to them, like a rebirth and a chance to feel somehow new. But I don’t look forward to the heavy work of it. I’ve rarely felt that this was my house, so I don’t feel the good points of a heavy cleaning and clearing until it’s done and I stare in wonder at rooms I almost like, listening to the echo that follows me like an old friend, and vowing not to let my surroundings get so bad again. Now the need for the work comes during an early freeze and a physical weariness, sickness, that can’t be brushed off. I still have to try because my eyes are as weary as my body and my mind. It feels like the wrong time, but it is time.

Does anyone else out there do more cleaning in autumn than in spring?


15 thoughts on “Oh, the drag of my feet …

    • Well, now I don’t feel so ‘out of it.’ Autumn for me, means dusting out as much of the heating ducts as I can reach, changing filters and clearing the spaces around the vents. What does January mean for you?

      I’m trying hard to layer on the clothes, but I need to do laundry tomorrow or they’ll run out soon. I’m trying to stay warm, but I refuse to pay for heat in October unless it gets below thirty degrees. Being that stubborn saves money, but hurts my joints. I’m just lucky the wind isn’t blowing so hard at the moment that it comes through the house.

  1. Sorry youve not been feeling too good. I have whacky dreams like that.

    Don’t worry about Entanglement – we can all wait for you to get better and feel like doing it. It shouldn’t be a chore (unlike the cleaning).

    • Thanks. I appreciate your kind words. The writing’s not so much a chore as it’s the main work I really want to do. Most other things feel like an intrusion.

      The whackier dreams are sometimes fun and sometimes unsettling, aren’t they?

  2. I tend to get down to some cleaning and clearing every 3 or 4 months or so. So I guess it’s seasonal to an extent. I’m having a set to now ready for the colder days and it allows me to see the wood for the trees. You are feeling low and so is Lisa. I guess it’s the colder, damper days that drive down the mood until we fight back. Hope you can fight back soon, Ré. We’ll all still be here rooting for you.

  3. It’s been freezing here! And although cold doesn’t cause cold viruses, it can lower your immune system. So you’re smart to stay warm and get to bed early.

    I definetly do autumn cleaning more than spring since my work season starts in May and I’m rushing around like mad. Now is just easier and not boiling hot either.

  4. I loved the rhythm of this, though I hope you feel better soon, and get warmer sooner than later. Your dedication to your craft and gift of writing is incredible and admirable. Fall is the most melancholy of seasons for me, Ré. I absolutely get depressed with the highs and lows of the season, so like you, I prefer to de-clutter and clean house at this time, as it takes my mind off the season itself.

    • Thanks, Ms. Empress. I get melancholy when the days get shorter, too. Having to clean so much makes that worse, but if I get it all done, it creates a bright spot in the season and gets me in a better mood for the holidays.

      • I’m looking forward to that bright spot. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll help myself to daily doses of sunshine (and cleaning, I guess?) to carry me through the fall. (I refuse to give it a capital “F”. 🙂

  5. I hope you’re feeling better. Autumn is my favorite time of year, but here in Portland it’s more beautiful than ever. And yeah, I do a lot more cleaning in the fall. And a lot more cooking.

    • Thanks, Averil. I’ve tended to cook more in autumn, too, but it’s easier not to when it doesn’t affect anyone else and a little sandwich uses way fewer dishes (and less gas). I envy you all that beautiful, but so glad you have it.

  6. I like that you said that if feels like the wrong time but it is time. I am driven by these inner compulsions too, but oh, how those feet can drag…
    Seasons are more subtle here in my neck of the woods…so I can do my ‘spring’ cleaning any time of the year 🙂
    Feel better soon Re. ❤

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