My blog friend, The Idiot, said a lot in this one. He gave me a little hope today that it’s possible for truth to win out over spin.


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  1. It’s a good thing I have been offline as I would have been lacking my Aliss fix.

    Anyway, I laughed at the reblog. It was probably slightly hysterical as I couldn’t (oh yes I could) believe anyone would even speak to, or even credit anyone that had such antediluvian views.

    I’m speaking as an ugly middle aged woman who oddly has been propositioned far too many boring times when travelling alone. No doubt because the even more ugly men (all younger than me I think) were sorry for me.

    There are charges – in the UK – for blasphemy and racism. About time laws were introduced for misogyny. That is the most clear cut case I have heard for some time about why women should be feminist. (Well, there is a Spanish one too, but I’ll write about that later). Anyway, that guy should be locked up. I don’t follow American politics apart from on other people’s blogs but the sad truth is for the rest of the world that American politics influences all our lives. I sure as hell don’t want that absolute cretin influencing mine. Did he leave school with any qualifications apart from total ignorance?

    • The jerk who said those things (on his popular radio show) speaks for a large percentage of our population — the percentage that calls itself very conservative or part of the “Tea Party.” They scare most of us. I only wish they and their horrible beliefs were simply a laughing matter. Ignorance, lies, and hate are the banner they stand beneath, and with people having the right to believe what they want, it’s hard to figure out how to educate them about the facts.

      The worst part for me, is how our mainstream republican candidates feel they must cater to people like this in order to be elected, whether they personally agree with them or not. The danger in giving credence to such dishonorable views is astounding. Yet Romney, for one, does it passive agressively.

  2. I found myself unfriended on FB when I asked about the proposed shutdown over the PP debate. I couldn’t believe that. I mean, these were people I had ‘known’ on the internet for ages (via dogs). I also couldn’t believe that contraception could trigger a government closure. I still can’t. That was yet another example of the most bizarre behaviour in politics.

    Actually I just can’t believe how much sway religion has in America. And within that, denigration of women. I don’t have a problem with people being religious. Until it affects my life. I can’t believe the hypocrisy of criticising Muslims for treating women like detritus when the US is proposing to do the same. Bad news.

    Most of the people who read Clouds don’t share my views. But if even one iota of my thinking seeps into their brain, I’ve achieved something.

    • Their hypocrisy stems from self-imposed blindness. They want to legislate against people of color, women’s rights, and individual freedoms — unless they agree with the idividual freedoms. Then they say they’re for less government involvement in our lives. (Huh?) I guess we just have to keep talking in counterpoint to them, whether they unfriend us or not.

  3. Great re-blog, Ré. I am amazed that such people are given air time. I know it’s free speech ‘n’ all. But really, that fact that people like this have an audience at all freaks me out. We’re lurching to the right here in the UK too. Changes being made here are going to last for years. The UK is far less polarising so right wing politicians can sneak things through and the population generally goes with the flow with their hands in the air in mock disgust. But Russ Limbaugh (sic?) would be offended if you called him an extremist – which is clearly what he is, and we need to counter extremists wherever we find them.

    • It freaks me out, too. I wish this didn’t feel so much like the scary side of critical mass, but sometimes I worry about it. I worry about what my grandchildren might face in the future if these awful people somehow manage to take over — or if sane people who don’t pay attention, allow them to take over before they look up and notice.

  4. Great post. Limbaugh is a puppet anyway, that’s what I figured out after the Fluke story. The wide-eyed extremists really do live in a separate universe. I am convinced their heads will explode when Obama wins the election. Really, can you even imagine the amount of whining we’re going to hear from them?

    I have to say I’m kind of astonished though, I actually (gasp) agree with what he said about recent headlines. It’s not real news. It’s election polling. And other coverage is not based on equal time no matter what station you tune into. We haven’t had equal time since Peter Jennings left the air, honestly.

    • We do have to get our news from different sources, put it together and do some critical thinking. Unfortunately, many of us don’t seem to be up to that task. That’s the best environment for bad things to happen. Also, there’s been some debate about the notion of equal time. I agree with what I’ve heard about the standard being changed to truth and facts. Newspeople should absolutely be checking facts and making it clear in interviews and panel discussions when facts are being bent, lied about, or made up to support one’s argument — not simply letting ‘the other side’ have its say. A standard of truth would make for simpler news programs and articles that could do a better job at educating the public.

  5. APPLAUSE. I love this sentence, “We do not have to get our news from different sources, out it together and do some critical thinking.”

    Yes! This seems to be a lost art. People seem to want everything easy and fed to them. The ridiculous thing is that it’s now incredibly easy to get diverse news, it’s all a click away. Your source is important but your active engagement is critical.

    Not to take the burden off the mainstream media, they are mainly failing in their jobs. They don’t educate, they entertain. Of course, this is no doubt in large part due to Corporate ownership, the obsessive race for ratings and advertising dollars. My God, I miss journalistic integrity like Dan Rather and to think they tried to reduce him to obscurity SMH.

    The truth is out there…for those who wish to find it.

    Did you watch Newsroom? One of the best shows I’ve seen on TV in a long, long time.

    • Thanks Coco. And I love The Newsroom, too. I can barely wait for a new season. It makes me sad though, that we don’t seem to have a news program that tries to be like that one yet. Their idea for the debates was so wonderful. And the reason they depicted for why it can’t be done yet, is so stupid, cruel, and true, that it broke my heart. I like MSMBC, sort of, but the preaching to the choir and not trying to reach everyone with just the pure truth, is grating on my nerves.

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