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Pure fragments,
tipped with gray,
break off my page
like icebergs
cutting through murky water.

The words I need
wither in expanses
hidden by hollowed smirking faces
and jabs of laughter folded in curses as they travel past,
ice blades scraping,
drawing blood
that holds me transfixed in wobbling space —
lacking saw, nail, hammer, pen —
studying plans
that ought not fail, but do here,
stained with me.


Iceberg (Photo credit: graceinhim)


13 thoughts on “Worth

  1. I hate it when I am trying to write something that ought to be simple and it winds up being nearly impossible. That was what it felt like this poem expressed. (By the way — I’m not ignoring you on my blog! I see your comments, and I think they’re wonderful. I’ve just got myself stretched like parchment paper, and my blog responses are Wa-a-a-ay behind!!)

    • I understand that stretched feeling well, Jessie. I do. I’ll be patient.

      As for the poem, the subject that needs writing about is complex, awful and persistent. The icebergs don’t care about that.

  2. I LOVE the first stanza (verse? I’m so bad with poetry terms) especially — it’s got that feeling of everything, and yet a very specific something, that I get when reading really good haikus.

    Icebergs, mm. Cold, majestic, monumental, awe-inspiring, destruction-inviting, the bulk of their glacial strength secret and hidden. Your words have that crystalline strength, and lurking depth, when you launch them into action; I’ve seen it! Though I know that (again like icebergs) they can feel thousands of years in the making. Good to write what you can, even when you’d rather be getting something else out. Part of the process.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Lisa. They helped to cool me down a little today — well at least my thoughts. (I’ve been struggling again through more days of excessive heat. So much heat certainly doesn’t help the writing.)

      • Heat doesn’t help with most things, but then I’m really anti-heat. 🙂 Glad I could do something to cool you down in some way! Lots of love to you. ❤

    • So sorry to hear that. I hope the words bloom for you soon.

      I’ve been thinking of emailing you soon. Are you still in the area? Stitches Midwest is coming to Schaumburg in early August, so as a fellow crocheter, I was wondering if you were planning to go. I’m thinking about it.

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