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Jagged Space

Front Door

“No,” he said. “That shiny pink one.”

She had on a sapphire cotton blouse, pretty but less revealing. “I’d rather wear this. Don’t you like it? It’s sleeveless.”

He stared into the modest cleavage the cotton allowed from her ample bosom, shaking his head. “Come on, honey.”

“I’ve worn that one five times in a row. I’m tired of it.”

“This is special. Will hasn’t seen it. He’ll be there tonight.”

She knew her curves had attracted him first. She didn’t think she was beautiful, but in close-fitting clothes with her long hair loose, men thought so. She’d bought the rose-colored silk for him. Wearing it for his friends to gawk at, did nothing for her. It seemed to take something away, had begun to make her feel cheap.

“Hurry up. We’re gonna be late.”

She went to their bedroom and changed into the delicate bias-cut silk that skimmed her curves just so, barely clearing the edge of her bra.

As she returned to the living room, he sighed. “Yeah. That’s it.”

She waved her hand to catch his eyes. “When can something be my way?”

“Marriage is give and take, honey. Let’s not be selfish.”

“Right. So I shouldn’t always be giving in.”

“There you go… You’re pulling this crap again when it’s time to leave? Our friends are waiting on us and you’re having a tantrum?”

She stared at the wall behind him, hating the ‘splitting up’ feeling that was creeping again. It seemed right, but shattered its way through her body without mercy. Leaving would end what was good and begin the aloneness that felt like atmosphere ripping before her with every move. Navigating all that jagged space before they’d met, had almost split her in two.

She reached for her jacket and purse, letting herself slip into the thought of trying once more, another day. She walked past him to the door and out to the car. He was getting his way. She knew he’d follow.

I wrote this for the Trifecta Writing Challenge. The prompt was, a specific definition of the word “cheap.”


34 thoughts on “Jagged Space

  1. Yay!! Yes! This is totally awesome. I felt the pain at her loss of self, but I also felt like the relationship was getting ready to crash hard, and that the loss was beyond her ability to control. Loved it.

  2. Excellent! I really enjoyed this piece. I loved “the aloneness that felt like atmosphere ripping before her with every move.” Great use of the prompt!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up. This is great. You paint a very clear picture of a selfish and manipulative husband, but it’s your description of the wife that is powerful. That penultimate paragraph is beautiful. Hope you can join us for the weekend challenge.

  4. wow… the guy sounds like a class act – wanting his guy friends to gawk at how gorgeous she is. You really captured that uncertainty and her own disbelief about her own beauty and self-worth. I like that she shows enough self respect to recognise the inappropriateness of his behaviour, and feel that the breaking up feeling might just be ‘right’… even though it leaves her feeling so alone.

  5. Aaahhhhh, painful. Way to work the prompt! When I got to the paragraph with “cheap” in it I felt gut-punched by his character. And again with “It seemed right, but shattered its way through her body without mercy,” which shows us her character. *shudder*

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