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I’m About to Explode, or Another List of “Stuff That Bugs Me”

I hate this, too.
Photo by anyjazz65 via Flicker

1. WordPress has swallowed another of my drafted posts whole. Mostly, it holds onto drafts for dear life – whether I still want them or not. Lately it’s decided to play eenie, meanie, miney, moe with them, disappearing the ones I least expect and pretending I never wrote them at all. This one is being rewritten from memory on my computer’s word processing program first. I should stop forgetting that they all should be. (Rewritten from memory. Hah! As if I could really remember it by heart. It’s already not so humorous.)

2. WordPress also stopped my subscription feed early yesterday. I actually thought it was interesting that so few people were posting. I thought it was verrry interesting until I checked my email this afternoon and noticed my subscriptions were there, just not in my WordPress feed. Where I tend to look for them. Because it’s a convenient service. That WordPress offers. Is this happening to other people? I saw red.

3. What’s up with companies trying to get people to “like” them on Facebook or hashtag their products on Twitter without offering anything in return? I’d consider a Facebook “like”  for a product I use, if they offered me a coupon or something. (It helps that I figured out how to “unlike” pages so their advertising doesn’t go on my profile in perpetuity.) But why would I advertise for them for nothing?

Today a commercial for a feminine hygiene product told me to hashtag their product on Twitter. They didn’t even ask. They just said do it. Why on earth would I? And why would they think it wouldn’t embarrass me or my friends? I know reason doesn’t occur so much in the advertising world, but come on, don’t they do research? Or is it that they have, and it turns out that lots of people will do this sort of thing just because they’re told to. If that’s true, I think I’m scared.

4. Getting back to email: I shouldn’t have to say that I’m not a prude – I can cuss as well as anyone who’s reasonably good at it. Still, I wonder why the disgusting email titles in my spam folder make me feel like my snail mail carrier is standing on my front porch saying them to me out loud. Of course my mail carrier would never do that, but somehow it feels as icky, every time. How did this spam business get so out of hand? Okay, I’ll concede that there’s probably a segment of the population on whom these things actually work. But I’m tired of this stuff intruding when I just want to sift through my email.

Maybe I’m tired and ticked off because so much of it assumes that I’m a man with sexual problems. Or because of Patty, or whatever her name is, constantly asking if I’m getting her emails. Listen Patty, you know and I know I don’t know you! You can’t trick me into opening anything from you!!

I’m especially tired of rude terms based on the word Facebook.

5. Last, but not least, (yes it’s trite, but it’s late and I’m too tired to worry about using tired phrases) I’m tired of computer generated Comment spam. It’s not just stupid, it’s strange and ugly looking. And what on earth is “Hello Webmaster” supposed to mean anyway??!! Why do they think I don’t immediately delete anything starting with that?

All right. I’m taking a deep breath right now. I don’t think my blood sugar is low because I had a little something to eat after WordPress ate the original version of this. I think I’m just blindingly sleepy. I would’ve given up and been in bed now if I weren’t so stubborn.

Sorry for the rant. I’ll try to let all this go and stop bothering you nice people.

(I had to come back and change a little something today because in last night’s sleepy stupor, I forgot the definition of a certain word.)


20 thoughts on “I’m About to Explode, or Another List of “Stuff That Bugs Me”

  1. Ha! Patty for you? Sarah for me! Plus, they’re really giving me q complex about my own manhood shortcomings, and I’m a m’am, not a sir! If I followed their links, I’d be in ER with a 20-hour erection! I’m sure Sarah would be gunning for me then!!

    As for those hashtags, the nerve of them! I feel the same way when I receive glossy direct mail from Sephora or Fossil. Like please, no coupon? No thanks! What a waste of resources!

    Thanks for the rant, and for letting me respond in kind!

  2. I don’t like that pages that i ‘like’ on facebook don’t allow me to restrict the updates that appear on my news feed. I approve of your organization, but if my entire news feed is now dedicated to showing me sad pictures of sad dogs being treated poorly… I’m going to find a different organization to support that accomplishes the same thing.
    hope wordpress works better for you today 🙂

    • Thanks. It is a little bit better today.

      I hope you wrote on that page’s wall and let them know that their strategy is backfiring. They should want to know that. Also, I think you can hide stories from Facebook Pages by editing your news feed settings for specific ones. That way you can visit them when you can take it, but you don’t have to “unlike” them. Hope this helps.

  3. Oh, nothing like a good rant to get my blood pumping.
    WP has been pulling all kinds of tricks on me–photos don’t show, I can’t access my subscriptions (I’ll have to check email–thanks!), strange paginations, and a bunch of irksome little glitches I can’t remember specifically. At the risk of sounding callous, I’m glad I’m not alone.
    I completely concur with you about advertising. My girls know I will not buy then any items with designer names or brands or ads visible and when I see someone using their own chest or ass as a free billboard, I am tempted to ask them why and, if it’s free, would they mind stapling my calling card there because I could really use the free promotion.

    • I guess it does sound a little callous, but I’m glad I’m not alone, too. It’s awful to think they’re just picking on you. I write my 100 word posts in a word processing folder because it counts the words for me. So when WordPress eats those (mainly after I add in a picture) it’s only a little frustrating to have to copy and paste the story back in again. I kept forgetting about that with Sparks In Shadow. I think I’ve learned my lesson now.

      Still, I’m glad I’m not on Blogger. I have soooo much trouble commenting on posts over there, that it’s creeping me out. Imagine if readers couldn’t interact with you? Make’s me shudder.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Tony. “A nation of ranters…” I like that. Maybe I should do a Monday rant and let everybody add their own into the comment section – within limits. It would certainly be better than all this “bending over”, not necessarily empowering I suppose, but definitely cathartic.

      • I’d definitely read a regular rant from you. Much as I sympathize with your WordPress problems (ugh!), the spam comments made me laugh because you were so spot-on. It’s a gift to rant amusingly and yet sharply. You’ve got it.

  4. Similar to when you weren’t getting any WordPress feeds, my Facebook experience was boring; nobody commented or liked ANY of my posts. Then I noticed that my default was to post just to “Family” and my daughter is the only person on that list, and she rarely does FB. If a tree falls down in the forest and nobody hears it did it make a noise?
    And then I was working on income tax information when the kitten walked across the keyboard and erased everything. Taxes are bad enough, but I *also* had a headache.
    Rant rant rant!

    • Ouch. Taxes are bad enough without that happening. I hope a little ranting eases the memory. My grown up Kitty often threatens to walk across my keyboard while I work. So far I’ve been able to avert disaster.Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  5. Good shout, Ré. I’m bemused by WP too sometimes – feature headers don’t feature no matter how I crop them to fit etc. I put it down to my ignorance on that one. Regarding email I’ve had enough and have started a new address..which has meant that, at least for now, only the people I know should have it have it. Everything on the old one now gets deleted.
    And junk mail – I hate it. And then we’re expected to sort it out for recycling – SOD OFF ! Here in the UK any undelivered mail gets returned to sender by routine ( I don’t know if it’s the same with you). I know a guy who got so sick of one company junk mailing him he tied one of their letters to a house building brick and posted it back. He didn’t get anymore.

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