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May I Ask Your Opinion?

Photo by Dan Smith via Wikimedia

I’ve been trying to focus on a little story for Sparks In Shadow, but pressing problems and ideas to relieve them, have my head spinning away from the task. To help me concentrate on one thing at a time, I thought it might help to ask my dear readers a few questions to help me rule out some real life avenues that would be best avoided. Or to maybe rule one in?

A little heartfelt advice I received today, leaves me wondering about other points of view on a certain subject. If you have time to take these two little polls, I’ll be so grateful. I only wish I could offer each of you a real home-baked treat in return. If there’s anything you’d like instead, let me know in the comments section. I’ll see if I can deliver. Thanks in advance!


16 thoughts on “May I Ask Your Opinion?

  1. How interesting! I like handmade cards to give and receive (preferably from used paper). My boyfriend a few years ago wrote “Happy Birthday xoxo”on an old wine cork. All my other b’day cards are shoved into a box, that wine cork though is in a place where I can see it every day.

    Ps cool cookies. Actually you could do me a favor and shoot me an email, I have a message (low key, boring stuff but I’d like to tell you anyway) for you.


    • I’ve always loved getting cards picked out or made just for me. My favorites include one my daughter folded and scribbled for me when she was very young and couldn’t spell, and one my sister gave me a few years ago that plays the Twilight Zone theme when I open it. Store bought cards work for me if they’re very well chosen.

  2. First of all, I hate how much they charge for them.
    Second, it’s so hard to find the perfect card for the person — I want it to show that I’ve thought about them and their relationship with me, so I end up either sending emails, writing on their facebook walls, or writing my own message on blanks that I’ve bought with beautiful art work or images that I love. I really liked the idea of e-cards, but they were SO INCREDIBLY LAME! Plus, I just don’t have time to spend hours routinely in card stores. Would LOVE a fresh alternative!

    • Thanks for taking my poll. I can see from most of the answers that I couldn’t deliver what most people want from cards, at least not on my own and not without an investment of time and materials that I don’t have. I’m trying to come up with other ideas now.

  3. Hi Sparks,

    I LOVE cards and always have. It makes me terribly sad that they seem to be on the decline, at least amongst my friends. I have always cherished them and keep them. In fact, you could say I am a card collector because I buy cards from all over the world, to frame or send. Uniqueness, quality and a heartfelt sentiment is key. Humor gets top marks as well.

    I don’t want anything….well, I would take a Sparks limited edition Thank You card ;).


  4. I hate the guilt associated with cards of all sorts. Guilt when I don’t send them and guilt when I receive them but do nothing with them except recycle. A friend saves her Christmas cards and cuts off the design part, using them for gift tags the next Christmas. Great idea. Will I ever do it? No.

    • My daughter had to explain this same feeling to me a few years ago. I show my love by working extremely hard not to make birthday cards for her anymore. Maybe having that “I love you but please don’t give me anymore cards” talk could work for you, too. 🙂

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