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Thoughts About Snow Falling Into Tomorrow

Photo by thebline/Amy Bethune Photography via Flickr

I’d put off replenishing the necessities for too long, until this evening when snow had been falling since very early morning, blowing in intermittent bursts but collecting without speed.

We’ve had very little snow in Chicago this year. What little we’ve had has melted in unseasonal temperatures soon after coming down, but nature seems to be catching up now. Very steady though not a blizzard, tonight’s continuing snowfall stung when I faced the wind, enough to lift my hands to tuck the sides of my hood tighter into my scarf, not enough to make me curse. I did wonder at times about the clarity of hindsight and the folly of walking with heavy things over new slipperiness when slippery and me are not friends.

My travel was uninterrupted by long expanses of idle time between connections. I murmured thanks into the universe. Without expecting a response, one met me as I turned the last corner from the bus stop to my house. Stopping me in the eerie quiet that can make one forget to fear the man walking across the street or any of the other unknowns that push people faster to their doors in city darkness, my eyes filled with storybook snow, clean sheets of it lying across my path, sprinkled with the diamond dust that falls trite upon the ear when spoken of, but stuns when it’s seen glowing in dimension. Catching streetlight here and there, the dusting glittered, flowing over the untouched sheets as I regained composure and went on toward home.

Inside, after switching on television for the sound of familiar voices to soothe me as I moved about, I left window shades open at the sides of the house, letting the light of falling snow and covered roofs illuminate my rooms as I put away supplies and food. I’m maneuvering well now in the light of two small electric screens and a newly seen gentle glow, holding on to the fantasy that this beauty will last until tomorrow, unscathed.


31 thoughts on “Thoughts About Snow Falling Into Tomorrow

    • It’s still running, Tony. I don’t know what the problem was, but I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m armed with info from kind friends here to help if it gets weird again.

      I’m glad you like the poetry, Tony. One phrase had me one wondering if it was too poet-y. I liked it but I tried to change it anyway and couldn’t find an alternative. Feel free to tell me if you ever find something a little irritating. Okay? Doesn’t always mean I’ll change something, but it’s good to know.

  1. Good Morning! I have enjoyed the beauty of yesterday’s snowfall as well. I am probably just a few miles away. :). The whole house was aglow with this natural light well after the sun had gone to bed. While I despise the inconveniences that snow brings, I couldn’t help but note its splendor. You made it sound beautiful, even to those who don’t like snow, such as myself. I’ll enjoy it, though from inside. 🙂 That’s exactly where I stood watching the children launch a snowball fight!

    • So glad you enjoyed that beautiful light, too, but I know what you mean about snow and enjoying it from inside. I always say a gentle snowfall on Christmas Eve is wonderful and a gentle melting on the day after Christmas is ideal. But that’s all about the beauty of it.

      I just got back inside after shoveling, which I actually enjoy once I’m out doing it (it feels like an art form to me), and the thrill of looking at the snow has subsided with the sight of the dirt clods that got turned over in it.

      I would have loved to have seen that snowball fight! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lisa. You may spend time with some during your travels next year. You’ll have to tell us how you experience dealing with it. Unless you plan to go tropical or visit a different hemisphere then, on purpose. 🙂

      • Ugh, no, heat is just as bad for me. 😉 But we do plan to avoid the extremes if we can — no winters in the iciest places, no summers in the hottest. We’ll see how well we succeed!

  2. Beautiful. My favorite paragraph is the one that begins ‘My travel…’ The eerie quiet, the storybook snow. What great images. I’m glad I read this tonight as we are due for snow sometime this evening. I’ve filled the wood box, made a big pot of lentils, and now, after reading this, am looking forward to the snow.

  3. This was really beautiful. We finally got some snow here in Cleveland, too. Winter and snow always put me in the mood to write… it’s so inviting to type away in a cozy cafe with some hot chocolate or a latte while the snow comes down outside.

  4. Hi Sparks,

    This is so very beautiful, it’s flow and beauty remind me of the quiet, slowly falling, gentleness of snow. Suhweet! I love your talent of distilling the intangible to the tangible. You make wordscapes 🙂

    My favorite lines:

    “…my eyes filled with storybook snow, clean sheets of it lying across my path, sprinkled with the diamond dust that falls trite upon the ear when spoken of, but stuns when seen glowing in dimension.”

    As much as I dislike the cold, it’s nice to regain some sense of normalcy. 🙂 Stay warm.

    • These words mean a lot to me, Coco. I’m sorry I couldn’t respond sooner. They feel even sweeter today as I read them again. I’m so glad you like my work. Thank you for taking the time to tell me so. ❤

  5. So lovely – surely nature appreciates one who is so intuitive and understanding of her gifts. It is no wonder she – the handmaiden of the universe – listened as you murmered thanks.

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