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That title is me coming to terms with the fact that we all have it — both physical and inside where we generate light, not just reflect it.

Over a year ago, for my daughter Jasmine’s birthday, I purchased a coupon for two hours of professional photography. Getting a great deal from one of those deal-of-the-day sites here in Chicago, I hoped to pamper her with some special photos and get a couple of portraits of us together.

It took all this time for fate to smile on the very idea of scheduling such a date (some gnarly details got in our way) but finally all the cards were right and in early November we did it.

Those of us with issues about our appearance should at least get one chance to be photographed as if we’re beautiful and it’s absolutely understood that we should be seen. It helps immensely if the photographer is stellar. I still have my personal issues with the physical, so the photos you’ll see of me are few, but my buttons are bursting with all the personality and beauty my daughter exudes in these pictures.

The stellar photographer who captured our likenesses, and perhaps something of our souls, for posterity is Gretchen Kelley of Gretchen Kelley Portrait and Event Photography here in Chicago. My daughter and I felt very comfortable in her hands, and I felt more and more relaxed as the shoot went on. (Listen to me, calling it a ‘shoot’!) Even the sun cooperated, gushing in through the windows of my daughter’s apartment. Some of her very cool artwork can be seen in the backgrounds. With Jasmine’s very kind permission, here are some of our photos:

This must be the stare I have that makes small children behave...

I love all the ones of Jasmine. Yeah, I know. My momness is showing…


39 thoughts on “Beauties

  1. From the moment I saw the first photo till the last i had this big grin on my face. It’s so good to finally put a face to your name Re! LOVE, love, LOVE the photos, they’re beautiful!

  2. WOW, First off, you are both GORGEOUS women!! 🙂 It’s always so fun to put a face to a blogger and yours SHINES a bright light of beautiful all over the place. And your daughter? She’s lovely!

    Love the art of the photos, too. Props to the studio!

  3. You are both very beautiful! Your eyes and your warm smile really bring these pictures to life. I’m not all that up on professional photography but I can sense energy in photos and these have it.

  4. Holy Moses. What gorgeous delicious lovely painfully beautiful important significant poetic powerful photos! You must be bursting– I would be, if I were you. (I am bursting for you, looking at these!) I hope one day my girls and I can stand side by side and be ourselves together. (You and your momness are just something else.)

  5. “That title is me coming to terms with the fact that we all have it — both physical and inside where we generate light, not just reflect it.” It comes through the eyes, don’t you think?

  6. Beauties, indeed!! I love the spark in your eye, and spunk in your posture, esp the one in which you refer to your “stare”. I can see the pride in the partnership that you share with each other. 🙂 Gorgeous, gorgeous!

  7. I’m with the others who’ve said they scrolled through the photos with big warm smiles all over their faces. 🙂 You should see me now! Oh, beautiful Ré and sparkling Jasmine! They’re wonderful photos — they look so sweet and real, not too-cute and posed like the results of many photoshoots I’ve seen — but they’re also gorgeous because of the spirit and love you bring to them. If I didn’t know you already, I’d see these photos and want to. 🙂

  8. I know what you mean about photos; I love digital because I can delete ones with me in them. But you should’t feel that way. No reason to. Though I doubt you believe me! And you both just look so happy and comfortable with each other. My favorites are the very first one (your eyes just are so pretty, so much life there) and the very last one of Jasmine. There’s something about the sepia tones that give her an aura of mystery. Though the one of you both with your arms crossed is also very nice. Oh, and in the first photo, I like Jasmine’s bracelet, too.

  9. Ummm–what all those other people said, better than I could have–ditto. How do I say this–your face fits the way you write–the one with your arms folded would be a good book jacket photo, don’t you think?

    • Thanks, TTD. I don’t think of myself as so stern (the photographer was encouraging us to try different expressions), but I’m glad folks seem to like that crossed arms picture. I’d need to put something I like a lot more, something that I feel represents the most of me, on a book jacket. If I get that far, it could last forever, you know. 🙂

  10. Hey, you both look gorgeous. Mom and daughter and why so shy, Ré ? It’s so lovely to see the face behind some of the best stuff I’ve read this year. Thank you. Damned if i ain’t gonna make it one day for that coffee. 🙂

  11. Gorgeous, Ré! The both of you are lovely! And I agree with what some others said: it’s wonderful to put a face to the writer. It makes you feel a bit closer to someone you’ve been blogging with. 🙂

    Props to that photographer!

  12. Sparks!

    The names we pick are not coincidental. I think it is time for me to get the hell off the internet because your pics made me teary. Why? Because if I had imagined you, you would be just as pretty as you are. I’m so used to hearing just your voice that it was a shock to see your image lol. I think you are mad btw because both you and your daughter look absolutely fabulous (don’t think about the show lol). You’ve given me a great idea, maybe I can convince my mom to do the same thing with me next year.

    I started the story and will be back.

    Very happy holidays to you my friend. We deserve a lot more joy in our lives. I hope the New Year brings wonderful things for us all. *clicks glass*. I still owe you a letter, forgive the delay 🙂


    • Happy holidays to you and yours my friend!

      Thank you for those very kind words. Have I neglected to tell you how much I love your Gravatar photo? I always have. I have always felt I knew you somehow from your words and that beautiful, glamorous, gregarious photo. It reminds me of a treasured shot of my mother when she was very young, and both have made me envious on many a day when I feared my face didn’t match my ‘style’. Thanks for telling me it isn’t so.

      We are busy folk, Coco; delays will always be forgiven.<3

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