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How Sweet to Receive Awards…

It is.

Tony Powers, of Barking in the Dark, has been so kind as to pass on both the Versatile Blogger Award to Sparks In Shadow, and The 7×7 Award to it and Words One Hundred. I haven’t the words to thank him properly but I hope he knows how very grateful I am for these as well as the thoughtful words of encouragement he’s left on both blogs over the weeks since we met in the blogging world.

MJ, of Memoirs of an Evil Stepmom, passed along the Versatile Blogger Award to Words One Hundred and I’m very grateful and surprised that she liked what she read there enough to have even mentioned me. Thanks MJ.

Changed By Change, of her blog by the same name, passed the Tell Me About Yourself Award and the Versatile Blogger awards to Words One Hundred. Thanks Ms. Change, for including it in your list of blogs that move you in some way.

versatile blogger awardtell me about yourself award

My real baby has grown up strong and is out on her own (and hard to catch) but my young blog ‘babies’ still need lots of care from me because they hold my hopes and dreams for myself. Tending those dreams is the bulk of what I do now and the best intention that drives me, defines what I want from and to give to this world. Any time a person is moved by something I write and lets me know, it helps to fortify my will to continue and my desire to give my imagination the free rein it strains for at times. Yet it’s taken me so long to write this post because I feel bewildered — not that someone would like what I do and be kind — but that I could feel like such a failure even as they do. It’s complicated, but it has to do with the real world. (I’d like to call it the fake world — but if things like taxes were fake, I don’t think we’d complain about them much.)

Anyway, amalgamating the prerequisites for acceptance of these generous awards, I should tell some things about myself that you may not know, and then list some blogs that I’d like to pass the awards on to, so you can discover them, if you haven’t already. (There may be specific numbers involved but I’m going to pretend I can’t remember them.)

About me:

1. I feel like I have as many stories in my head as there are stars in the sky, but short ones. Long stories terrify me. That’s why I have to start writing more of them.

2. I’m also afraid of boring people, but aware that I do it often. Being quiet isn’t an option I want to explore anymore, because it can be just as boring, if it’s noticed at all, so I guess I have to get more comfortable with my mistakes. That’ll be difficult because I’m also afraid of making mistakes.

3. I’ll look at the world through rose-colored glasses any time it will let me. This is why I love Christmas. The one time of  year when I get the most cooperation in that endeavor, though not enough because I’m a realist, the most optimistic realist you’ll ever find.

4. Gratuitously added because of the season: The one holiday song that can sour my mood is the horrible torture of that Paul McCartney “Wonderful Christmastime” thing. Maybe it’s in a weird key or frequency or something and only bothers me, but I cringe when it starts up. Imagine my pain when it started while I was in the ladies’ room at Sears and couldn’t get away. I’m sure some of the holiday songs you hate are among my favorites. Personal taste is a weird thing, isn’t it?

5. I’ve recently realized that I’d rather be knitting or crocheting because it seems to calm me and I sleep better if I do more of it in the evening. Of course it’s impossible for me to write if spend my writing time knitting or crocheting. Hmm. This means something.

Enough about me.

I read quite a few blogs, though not a huge number compared to others who try to keep track of 200 or so. (Just the thought of trying to do that makes my head ache.) So I’m going to list the sort of extra ‘writerly’ ones that thrill me the most. (Tony’s exceedingly cool whether serious or funny. He’s often both at once. I linked to his site, Barking in the Dark, at the top of this post. Head over there for a look, if you haven’t already.)

Averil Dean – She has some very mature stories and subjects on her site, but her ability to elevate the simple and even the complex with a stroke of her virtual pen, amazes me and keeps me coming back for more.

Girl in the Hat – The stories, essays, and chapters from her novel want you to look at them. They deserve to be read and savored.

The Story River – She writes mainly about the process of seeing, interpreting, understanding and persevering with the writing. I love her insights and the way she relates them. She’s a wonderful interviewer too, and her novel is available now. I’m saving up for my copy.

Aubrey’s Blog – She finds the most beautiful ways to describe the everyday and adds so much more to the extraordinary. Her prose is often like a Technicolor dream.

Streams of Consciousness – Coco writes beautifully — absolutely delicious poetry and wonderful essays, and recently she’s also written some political posts following the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Life as an Art Form – Uplifting essays by a fellow believer in the importance of empathy and brother(and sister)hood.

SingleMaltMonkey – An artist versed in so many different aspects of art, that he blows my mind.

Words and Other Things – Nicole has been working on her novel during NaNoWriMo and has written about the process, and other interesting things while taking that journey.

the Satsumabug blog – My first blogging friend, she also has quite a few artistic talents and writes eloquently about her journey to learn more about herself and her art.

Well, these are but a few and everyone listed can handle their awards however they like. I have no expectations. These awards won’t die out if no more of them radiate out from here, and if you do pass any along, spin them however you’d like.

There are more writers who are also deserving of note, but it’s late and I’m very slow. I know that’s no excuse, but my email address is on the sidebar. I’ll entertain hate mail on another day.

Many thanks to everyone who visits me and these things I write here and at Words One Hundred. You are more appreciated than you could possibly know.


33 thoughts on “How Sweet to Receive Awards…

  1. Yay you, Sparks! If I could, I’d design an award just for you, because you are, hands down, the most generous blogger I know. I am always amazed by the quality and quantity of your responses to others’ writing– you are the queen of making and maintaining connections in the blogosphere. What you say always, always inspires and makes me think. WordPress should hire you to keep writers going. The award would be made of solid gold, of course. How about a blanket or a sweater knit with solid gold? xoox and thanks

  2. Congratulations LadySparks! Sweet indeed! Encore, encore!

    The awards that you’ve received are so well deserved. Your writing is not only beautiful, but it makes me aspire to even greater writing! I love the images that you conjure with words, and the way you splay emotions across a page (I mean, um…screen). 🙂 I am amazed at your transparency, and your ability to capture the host of emotions that affect the human soul, yet seem so fleeting to many of us. Your short stories are like precious, rare gems, found just in the nick of time, along roads known but less travelled. Thank you for sharing those gifts.

    When I’m not writing or holding it down at home, guess what I’m doing? Crocheting!! Fast, usually in the evening as well. Kindred spirits indeed! 🙂 Thanks for including me in your list. I’m quite moved!

    • You’re very welcome, Ms. Empress! Thank you so much for these kind words.

      Kindred spirits, indeed! I’m probably not as fast as you at crochet because I don’t have to be, but I do love it.

      • LadySparks!,
        You know, I returned to this post today as I was going through some older statuses on my FB account, to which I also linked it). Was I suppose to pass on these awards to other bloggers (I’m running on “E” today, forgive me)? Also, by receiving these awards (all 3, really?), am I free to place the images on my blog as well? Please advise. One way or another if fine. 🙂

      • Yes, Ms. Empress, all three 🙂 and you should definitely place the images on your blog if you feel so inclined. I’m not a fan of them on my sidebar, but I’ve considered adding a page for them. I haven’t figured out yet what to say on it or how I would want it to look.

  3. Well, I’ve been flighty of late between work, life, angst, Twitter and the holidays. I would have shot myself if I had missed this by even a day. CONGRATULATIONS, Re!!! (even for you I can’t recall how to get the damn accent to appear). You truly deserve it. I have watched you blossom and experienced joy in the unfolding of a very real and beautiful talent. Some day, you will savor this time as there is much joy in the journey. Chew on that for awhile, it feels fine and is well deserved.

    You know some authors are master of the short story and that is a skill in and of itself. Being verbose, I admire brevity. If you can do so much with the weekly writing project limitation, you would be deadly with a mere 20 pages. This is not to say that you shouldn’t face your fears but give yourself credit and glory in your strengths as well.

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment, it’s greatly appreciated.


    P.S. – I am a Christmas Song junkie. You’ve inspired me to rip out Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby. Here Comes Santa Claus.

    • Thanks for your words and the kind advice, Coco. And you’re very welcome, I’m glad to pass these on to you.

      I like the work of those crooners you mentioned! (I actually listen to Christmas music whenever I want, all year round!)

  4. I’m not surprised that you received awards; I’ve always loved this blog. And thank you for mentioning me, that was very kind. I’d say though, look at downloading the story instead because it’s a lot cheaper. If you can stand reading it on the computer. You don’t have to have an actual e-reader, which I just had to have explained to me by my son. This whole process is strange and one thing I’ve noticed is that I can’t use the phrase ‘my book’. It sounds so pretentious and I feel so undeserving. My story works much better. Because, as you know so well, these are our stories, our dreams. So much more than a book.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I had to mention you– I love your blog, too!

      Thanks for letting me know about downloading your story, but I’ve come to hate reading at my computer. It’s not comfortable. Also, I really want to hold your book in my hands. I want to feel the weight of the paper in my hands and carry it around with me. And someday, when we meet, I want you to autograph it for me. I’m happy that I’ll be able to order it soon.

  5. Oh Ré, I’m so glad you’ve received these awards, and yes, not only do you deserve them — but I’m sure there will be many more in future. 🙂 And thank you for including my blog in such lovely company!

    I feel like I could have written a couple of your “about me” things, myself. I’m terrified of making mistakes, too, and I also think of myself as an optimistic realist (forget all those people who think I’m naïve!). I keep trying to remind myself that mistakes mean I’m taking more risks, so if I’m not making mistakes I am not reaching enough. Sometimes that gets me going, sometimes it doesn’t, but I figure it’s a good mantra all the same.

    Love to you!

      • I lose my appetite when I’m mortified, but I’ve tried the perfumy, pampering bit — a good, momentary distraction, but still the snake oil sort of ointment that doesn’t really lessen that horrible cracking feeling I get at the back of my throat, like I’m actually crumbling into pieces. If we can pinpoint some alchemy that works, we could make ourselves rich. 🙂

  6. Well done, Ré, you deserve recognition. You’ve written this post really well with that sense of wonder that comes from realising that someone somewhere likes your stuff. Don’t be surprised. And you said the loveliest thing about me – gosh. Thank you so much. You’re very kind. Well done again. 🙂

  7. “Simply having a wonderful Christmas time,
    Simply having a wonderful Christmas time,
    Ding dong, ding dong ding dong ding….”

    I’m not sure if Paul wrote this after John Lennon’s “Happy XMas (War is Over”) came out, as an answering song or what, but, wow, what a difference. Lennon’s song compared to McCartney’s is like the Mona LIsa compared to, well, me trying to paint, for instance. Lennon’s song, from the rousing, yet matter-of-fact, opening line “And so this is Christmas, well what have you done?” to the (difficult to pull off) non-cringe-inducing use of children for the chorus, is something I look forward to every year, while Paul’s song is like, old baby food or something. And a young guy at work the other day said he likes the McCartney song, and I think he was telling the truth, unbelievably.

    Congrats, by the way.

    Oh, and the next time you hear some horrible song and can’t get away, try (if you can safely do it without being arrested or hauled off to the loony bin) singing “Amazing Grace” or the National Anthem or something at the top of your voice. Works every time. Makes you feel good and drowns out the horror.

    • TTD, this put a smile on my face! Thanks. I agree with you about Lennon’s Christmas song as opposed to McCartney’s. My sentiments exactly! (I’ll have to try your suggestion sometime. I’ll let you know if it works. 🙂 )

      • Oh, and the first time I read this, I read No. 2 as that you were afraid of being with boring people, like being stuck on a plane to Australia next to a salesman or something. I was projecting one of my phobias onto you (not that I can’t bore people to tears myself)–fear of being stuck at the break table with a dull mind sitting next to me. Not nice, I know, but I’m not always.

  8. Your award is most certainly well deserved!!! And thank you so very much for the mention here – I appreciate it, and am so glad you get something out of reading my posts. I’ll be posting something similar, mentioning a few of my favorites who deserve to be read. I’ll also be checking out some on your list. 🙂

  9. honey, i only gave this to you because of that day in the park when you — wait…wait a minute here…oh…yeah… that was sharks in shades…well, you can see how i might have confused the two of y– alright, i’ll stop now. i passed this to you Re because you are a gifted writer in touch with deep feelings and able to put same onto a page. as i have often commented on words one hundred i do not know how you do it, and i am mystified at the ethereal beauty of your poetry. you deserve any accolades that come your way. so there. continue…

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