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Pale Green, Chapter 4

Photo by Mexicanwave via Flickr

Driving the long way through Fancher’s Woods, Evan drove slower on the turn where the Elms met overhead. He trained the corner of his eye on Jess as she leaned closer to her open window.

Where the road straightened, one tree’s leaves had changed from deepest green to dusty brown.

Jess pointed to it. “It’s barely September and still warm. Why’s it turning so soon?”

Evan glanced at it as they passed.

Craning her neck to see, Jess wondered aloud, “The color’s so dull. Maybe something’s wrong.”

“The leaves are still thick. It’s probably all right.”

“Are you sure it should be that colour? That sickly brown?”

Evan reached for Jess’s arm, slid his hand down to hers. “I’m sure the park service watches over them.” He caught the breeze tossing her hair forward, her look of concern beneath, and added, “It’ll be seen.”

She smiled at him, then turned back to the forest. He knew she would.


I’ll post Chapter 5, the ending, tomorrow night here at Sparks In Shadow, but I won’t link it to the original challenge at Julia’s blog, because I’m not sure if it fits within her guidelines here. It’s her challenge and I don’t want to break her rules. The ending does stay within the 158 words for week #19 and the prompt she set. You can find out more about that and read the other entries for this week here.


15 thoughts on “Pale Green, Chapter 4

  1. I’m just popping in to say please do link it. I’m waiting for the full story before I comment. You’re not breaking the rules. We are all really intrigued with this fabulous series!

  2. You’re really testing me here. I usually hate to read stories in segments because I’m too impatient. I want to sit down and devour a new story. But I’ve been dipping into these like appetizers, and it’s just making me hungrier. I like how you’ve developed the characters, but the ‘teasing’ is going to give me gray hairs. Waiting not so patiently for the next bit…

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