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Pale Green, Chapter 3

Photo by newleaf01 via Wikimedia

“Evan?” she said, refilling his glass.

He nodded, eyeing her over the rim as he drank.

“I’m, Jess.”

He licked the lemonade off his upper lip. “I remember.”

Smiling, she poured more for herself.

He finished his glass, returned to the tray and roller. He turned to her before continuing. “Maybe this’s out of line, but–why the green?”

She looked at him, then the Spanish tiled backsplash. “He said to pick the color. I like green.”

“But you knew.”

“I was hoping …” she touched the cheek Mr. Ashe had kissed, her fingertips cool from the glass, “for a sign.”

Evan’s eyes had wandered down the length of her dress. He recovered, repeating her last word to her eyes. “Sign?”

She nodded. “What’s your impression of him?”

He stifled a smirk. “Weird. Like he cares– and doesn’t.”

“Yes! It’s confusing.”

“Are you …”

” ‘… sure it should be that colour?’ ”

Evan laughed.

“Sure. It’ll be my last gift to him.”


You’ll find the other entries in Week #19 of the 100 Word Challenge at Julia’s Place here. (This week’s challenge allows 158 words because of the dialogue and the prompt.)


22 thoughts on “Pale Green, Chapter 3

  1. really enjoying this. it’s got so much emotion, even though on the surface it doesn’t seem like an important decision/colour choice. i hope you changed your mind about your decision yesterday of not posting all of them.

  2. Hi Sparks,

    I read all three and like them, especially Chapter 3. Your writing always interests me, it has an almost ethereal touch. Sounds odd but makes sense to me. I hope Jess dumps her husband and runs off with Evan lol but that’s probably a little too neat. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading them, Coco. And thanks for saying ‘ethereal’. I have a similar desire for them as I write, but it’s hard to tell how close I get after reading and editing the same piece fifty times. I just hope that if I keep focusing and working at it, I won’t embarrass myself.

  3. That twist at the end is very skilful Re! I’m giving up trying to work the ending out now! Got a bit confused with ‘I’m, Jess’. Was it an ‘Um’ rather than an ‘I’m? Part 4 here I come!

    • Thanks for the kind word, Julia.

      Sorry “I’m, Jess” was confusing. She was introducing herself to Evan, after making sure what his name was. This chapter may have been too ambitious for me considering the limitations of the word count.

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