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“Guitar Strings in the Snow”

Last Friday I received a cool prompt for Words One Hundred — “guitar strings in the snow.” I finished writing and revising a story with that as the title, Sunday morning and uploaded it onto the new site. With only one subscriber there (thank you, Coco!), I realized the site was still very much in it’s infancy, and wondered how many folks would know something fresh was in. I thought I’d include the new story here, too. Why not?

This story has 105 words, 100 words plus the 5 words in the prompt (hence the new site’s title.) My aim with each of these is to write the most literary, efffective pieces I can whether they’re serious or fun. Folks can see what I do with words and decide if they want more, in just a couple of minutes. The idea of going short is not new but of the ones I’ve seen, I’ve noticed that we are all different in our approaches. Like genre writers, we’ve chosen a particular area, each of us bringing our own unique sensibilties, criteria, and imagination to the work.

If you feel so inclined, you can read my new micro story below, or you could click over to Words One Hundred to observe its search for sustenance in its usual habitat. It doesn’t mind if you look.

Guitar Strings in the Snow

Photo by dustinphillips via Flickr

They escape her pocket onto a snowbank as she hurries away. This winter evening, in waning sun before packed offices empty, she heads for the last subway seats.

Holding the tall case between her knees as the car rocks, her eyes close. For ten minutes she’ll review lyrics. The set list is in her fingers. Music never scares her. Words can.

Thirty come to listen, adore her songs, her voice. She pretends comfort with their praise, hiding.

New strings lie in reserve, shining copper before use. She’d kept the first ones broken onstage – the guitar strings in the snow – luck loosely held, let go, unneeded.

The prompt was, “guitar strings in the snow” — from Jasmine.


12 thoughts on ““Guitar Strings in the Snow”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and so I found yours. It seems like quite a challenge to restrict the post to 100 words. But you did it beautifully and used such lovely, gentle words. thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for visiting me, Judith. Yes, on Words One Hundred, still in its infancy, each story is pretty much 100 words. (I explain my self imposed rules on its About page.) It’s a little difficult, but it makes me work harder and strengthens my writing. I also think it takes into account how little time a lot of us have to read things online, so I hope it’s a win win sort of idea. I’m glad you liked this little story. Thanks again for dropping by. 🙂

    • Thanks, Al! I love that you said that. It was your support for my efforts with these that helped me decide to start their new site – along with the fact that they make for shorter posts that a lot of people prefer. Glad you like this one.

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