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My New Birthday Card From, Sis!

My sister, Angela, is so cool!

I was sorry that I couldn’t think of a fun card for her birthday earlier this year, but she came up with a great one for me based on one of my favorite movies, “It Might Get Loud.” You can find a post I wrote last May about this movie here.

Here’s my new birthday card from Sis (lucky me!):

Thanks, Angela!


14 thoughts on “My New Birthday Card From, Sis!

    • She is thoughtful, and quite cool. Thanks for the birthday wishes! 🙂

      As for my day, I had a nice lunch and some non-shopping with my daughter. (We actually touched $500 dollar shoes, and giggled!) She’s been painting a lot lately and painted a beautiful large magnet for my fridge, but I’ve been instructed NOT to scan it for the blog even though it’s beautiful. I’ll have a little celebration with my sister on the weekend when she’s off work.

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