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Introducing — Words One Hundred

Baby Navi

Image by jinny.wong via Flickr

No, it’s not a baby bunny, but it’s just as nice.

I have a new site! It’s called Words One Hundred, and it’s all one hundred word stories, all the time. I’ve corralled my past one hundred word stories and poetry there, and new ones will join them, all conveniently nestled in one consistent space.

I have lots of prompts to work from, including the weekly ones from The Head’s Office’s new home for The 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups — Julia’s Place. My Entry for Week #11 of her challenge is up on the new site now. You’ll find it here with a link at the bottom to the Week #11 post on her site if you’d like to join in or read this week’s other entries.

Come on over and visit. It still has its new baby smell and everything.


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