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I’m a bit late, but here’s another 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups. You’ll find the other entries at the link. This is Week #9, the prompt is ” …Mary thought…” and we were instructed to choose a specific genre. I chose horror:

Photo by Thompson via Flickr

Lightning threatened. Mary thought she heard screams. She turned, nearly slipping on mossy stones. Echoes darting between trees were dominated by thunder. Raindrops touched her skin like timid fingers testing, gaining courage, before assaulting in torrents. Trembling, Mary hugged herself, submitting to the downpour, fearing she was next. Though they’d felt like home, the woods became a snarl of inexplicable, encroaching sounds muffled by the violent storm. 

Regaining equilibrium, she scrambled forward. 

Jagged one yard footprints, frozen deep in the mud, were puzzled over by members of the town long after her disappearance. 

 It lingers in the woods — waiting for hunger’s return.


20 thoughts on “Encounter

  1. You built up the suspense well, and the description was so good I could see the woods in my head. Hard to do both in just 100 words so well done. I really thought Mary was going to get away, so the ending left me with the chills. Great story!

  2. Hi Sparks,

    I read the first paragraph twice because it entered my ear like a poem, lyrical. I wasn’t scared but I enjoyed the shadow of fear which beckoned and I was, as always, entranced by your description. You’re packing a great punch. I always enjoy these entries!

  3. Superb use of words. I especially liked ‘Raindrops touched her skin like timid fingers testing, gaining courage, before assaulting in torrents.’ The imagery is stunning. Brilliant.

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