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Ode to Mark Addy

When I answered the phone she chirped into my ear, “To show our appreciation to you as a valued customer, we’d like to give you two years of HBO at no cost to you.”

I would have laughed if I hadn’t remembered all that luscious programming I was missing. An eyebrow shot up. “Really?” I said. “How much do I have to pay?”

“There’s no cost to you, Ma’am.” The brightness in her voice gained a slight edge.

I sighed. “How much are the added fees?” She had already identified herself as a representative of the company I’d sparred with months before when I lowered my fees as much as possible while keeping my ability to maintain this blog (my lifeline.) The vagaries of their fee structures made my head swim. I’d given up HBO.

She repeated that there were no costs to me, all I had to do was agree. We went a few more rounds this way until I said, “You mean it won’t cost me anything?”

She sighed. “There’s no cost to you, Ma’am. You … just … have … to … say … yes.”

Figuring I could throw an effective fit to rectify this, if the next bill came out higher (I’m very good at that), I said okay. It didn’t, though it does say the HBO is for one year. I’ll complain about that next July, if I have to.

This prelude explains why I’ve been lucky enough to experience “Game of Thrones.” My inability to watch this, and “Real Time with Bill Maher,” had been a persistent annoyance that occasionally brought tears to my eyes.

Sean Bean

I haven’t read George R. R. Martin‘s “A Song Of Fire and Ice” series of books, but I’ve fallen hard for the televised version of this medieval fantasy. The production values, the scripts, the plot, the performances — have all conspired to keep me coming back. The eye candy, I mean actors, have given me many well sculpted, artfully lit images to recycle, as needed, while I go about the mundane chores of my days.

Peter Dinklage

Jason Momoa

There was my familiar favorite, Sean Bean, then the delightfully versatile Peter Dinklage with piercing eyes and glorious haircut — dyed blond. The many great looking young men of varying physiques (including one singular combination of muscle, hair, glistening skin and kohl rimmed eyes who had me rewinding the On Demand to catch the minutes of dialogue I’d missed after he swaggered onscreen) explain more of my reasons for falling in love with this series. But, I was surprised by the one who held my interest the most. I was pulled in by his presence in any scene. My appreciation for Sean Bean was not enough to keep him relevant during any moment he shared the screen with King Robert — Mark Addy.

Mark Addy

When Addy spoke, the deep music of his voice combined with his aura and created a longing in me. I wanted to leap into the wellspring of his male essence, and be cradled there. It hasn’t mattered to me that his character was often unpleasant. He had lost the love of his life, for goodness sake. Not every man can be as kind through life’s tortures, as Sean Bean’s Lord Eddard, who won my heart, though not completely, with the twinkle in his eye as he allowed his young daughter (who dreams of being a knight, not a lady) to have her sword, and lessons in its use from the best expert in the field. I may have cringed at some of the heartless things King Robert did, but Mark Addy made me understand them. Against my will, I forgave.

I know my feelings should all be because of his brilliant mind, his great gift for acting, but I know it isn’t just that. I’ve been circling him for years, since I first saw him in “The Full Monty.” Earlier this summer, I’d caught myself watching him in reruns of “Still Standing” — that sitcom he did with Jamie Gertz. Why would I watch that? Mark Addy’s male magnetism has kept me on a long leash until now. With one performance, he has taken in the slack and yanked me close.

If he has a wife, I hope she doesn’t mind, and can simply ignore this pouring of my heart onto the page. She should be able to let it go. She knows what she has. And who am I? If they have children, I hope they are the average sort, unimpressed like most offspring who would never think to do a search on their dear, but ‘geezery and infinitely embarrassing’ dad. I’ll banish the thought that they will ever come across my blog and cry “Ewwwww!” (Though it is a nice little blog and anyone should definitely feel free to visit and enjoy!)

Photo by Kapunga via Flickr

Mr. Addy, it’s with heavy resignation that I compose this ode. You may never read these words, but you are my crush my most recent crush, and the thought of you causes my head to roll and my eyes to narrow until I feel your sharp, riveting stare pierce my heart’s collected layers of fruitless defense — down into my bare, waiting soul…


25 thoughts on “Ode to Mark Addy

  1. Such a coincidence! I read your post this morning and watched ‘Barney’s Version’ tonight!
    Thought of you when Mark Addy showed up as the detective 🙂

  2. I LOVE Game of Thrones! LOVE LOVE LOVE. The story is so beautifully complex, the characters intelligent and engaging. I’ll keep my paws off your Mark Addy, because it’s Jon Snow who does it for me. All that dark brooding, all that pent-up aggression. Mmm-hmm.

    • Oh yes! He makes it into my daydreams as well. He and Mark Addy brood so well, one from life’s beginning, one from its end. I would have searched for photos of them all, if I hadn’t been so giddy.

  3. What a fun post! It’s a good reminder to ease up and have fun once in a while. I’ve been a huge Sean Bean fan for years, which is odd because I don’t usually favor blonds. My husband says it’s because Sean, while blond, is still scruffy, and I definitely go for scruffy and rustic. Another blond scruffy I like is Josh Holloway. And Jason Momoa is most definitely eye candy. Thanks for the great photos and giving me a smile today.

  4. This was interesting, as I haven’t seen this show. I’m glad to hear you received such a decent package, in getting a year of HBO, for free (hopefully, and it does seem so).

    I tend to go for the gentle, quiet men in movies, and I think Mark Addy seems like this from your descriptions.

    I always like to watch Colin Firth in any show, and as well a favourite of mine is Tom Hanks. 🙂

    • Thanks, Brenda. Colin Firth is such a wonderful actor! I love Tom Hanks, too, but I think it’s telling that my favorite role of his was in “Road to Perdition.” Mark Addy broods in “Game of Thrones”, but isn’t gentle or quiet. (One of the reasons he took me by surprise!) I’m fascinated by how we humans are drawn to each other. 🙂

  5. Good fun post, Ré. Fi was hooked on this show too so I caught (only) some of them. And probably hooked for the same reasons… 🙂 And who was that blonde Queen who took her clothes off in the last episode to appear covered in tiny dragons…..it wasn’t all for the girls, you know …. 😉

    • Glad to provide some amusement, Alan! I see that Fi and I are both connoisseurs. 🙂 The internet was abuzz with talk about that last scene. I was thrilled by it too — the sisterhood triumph over adversity, and the anticipation of what’s to come next in the story, but I do catch your drift about the male point of view… 😉 What a wonderfully balanced series!

  6. Don’t know if you ever have seen it but he was also in a British Comedy called “The Thin Blue Line” back before he came over to the states. He was real funny in that as well.

  7. I was thinking about this show, Game of Thrones, and I see there is a book as well.
    It looks to be set in Britain, possibly in Shakespeare’s day, but I could be way off here.
    I wanted to tell you about the year I watched just about all of the plays of Shakespeare, on video, produced by BBC. These were very fine productions featuring amazing actors, John Gelgood (I think); Anthony Hopkins; John Hoskins – and they were produced in the 80’s. One of my favourites was Anthony Hopkins as Othello, and John Hoskins was a riveting Iago.

    The Tempest, and King Lear were wonderful. I also like the Henry series, including Richard III, and I think these ones would be similar to the Game of Thrones, for intrigue, and malicious machinations.

    These were produced by BBC, in the 80’s I think. I wonder if they can be found on DVD, now?
    I watched them as my “millennium” project so to speak, I decided I wanted to do something significant to mark the end of the millennium back in 1999, and considered Shakespeare one of the main contributers to the world’s literature, so chose to watch his plays. I still do want to read the plays as well, someday.

    • I’m one of those unfortunate people who have some trouble with the language in Shakespeare. I do well with excerpts that have been introduced with a primer of sorts, but on my own I get so lost that I can’t make out what the sentences mean or what the plot is. When people tell me what the plots are about, I recognize the brilliance, but I feel I need a course to learn the language before I can appreciate them properly. I did like (gasp!) that Baz Luhrman film of “Romeo and Juliet” even though I heard that chunks of the play were taken out. I have a little book of Shakespeare’s sonnets that I like. I’ll look for the productions you mentioned to see if they can get through to me. 🙂

  8. Hi, again – I just have one more comment to add here, Re.
    I have also viewed several more recent productions of the plays of Shakespeare – and Leonard Fishburne as Othello, is just superb. Anthony Hopkins did do a remarkable performance as well.

    Kenneth Brannagh, is great I think as well in several of the more recent films, and I fell in love with Shakespeare after seeing Much Ado about Nothing, with Kenneth Brannagh, Emma Thompson, and Denzil Washington – I especially liked the Tuscany background. 🙂
    Well, sorry, for all this, I know it’s abit off topic.
    Have a good day,

  9. I’ve never seen the Game of Thrones and I’m afraid to, after reading this, because I really can’t afford any more infatuations. But god, look at this visual smorgasbord over here. Beef! And who can resist a man with eyeliner? Certainly not me! 😉

  10. I at first had no interest in GoT, since I thought it was based on a video game! But I was told by my bossette in no uncertain terms that it was NOT, and have been hooked ever since.

    Aubrey has no GoT crushes, but she has to say that if anything happens to Arya Stark she will be forced to take to the streets. In no uncertain terms.

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