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Thank You. Thank You Very, Very Much.

Upon waking today, I was sure that I was being self-destructive in refusing to leave the house again to tend to unsavory errands/tasks that (although quite legal) still curdle one’s cheese. “Go on– waste another sun-shiny day, why don’t you!” I thought about myself, fleetingly, as I resolved to take care of things tomorrow, feeling deep down that there actually was a good reason to stay home, even if I hadn’t discovered it yet.

Well! Talk about a day that could make your head spin! Have you ever been so near the bottom of everything that it feels like there’s nothing behind you? Only things before you, their backs to you, so far out of reach that the world looks like that television view from behind the pitcher’s mound– absurdly out of scale? Today some of those things turned around for me, and began to crook their fingers in my direction. “We can’t stop moving, but we see you now. Keep going. Faster. You’ll catch up!” I can’t tell you about everything– I wouldn’t know where to start! But the road is feeling a little more level now, though no less scary.

Now the story of this gift, I can definitely share! Anna Fonté at girl in the hat has gifted me with The “Yes! I Like This!” Blog Award! It was serendipitously renamed by Anna from its original, The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award, so she could pass it on to fifteen blogs that she enjoys, because some of them (like some of my own favorites) don’t quite fit into the category of sweet. Anna, I thank you profusely (and love your blog!) and though there were no strings attached to your award, and no rules to follow, I would like to share my good fortune and list some blogs I enjoy. But before I get to that, let me consider a twist on one of the original rules of the award, to share seven facts about myself, as Anna did. (Why not? This post literally landed in my lap anyway! Mmmm…) She told us seven things (with a bonus) that she’s learned about writing blogs. (You’ll find that list at the above link to her post. Check it out!) I want to be original, but I’ve decided to go ahead and just share seven random facts about myself, because it’s tomorrow already and my focus is fading fast…

  1. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is my favorite movie for many reasons. It’s not really so sappy as some think. It’s actually quite realistic about differences in personalities, and sad at times in its depictions of heartbreak, unrealized dreams, and the ridiculous hold money has over almost everything, but I would love it forever for just one line from a man who dreams of literally sharing the moon, “… and the moonbeams will shoot out of your fingers and your toes, and the ends of your hair…”
  2. I sing and write songs– around my house. I need to get back into the habit of practicing.
  3. When I’m on an el train and listening to rock music, I can’t stop my feet from thinking they’re working the drum pedals for the song.
  4. I’m a vegetarian, and don’t like artificial ingredients, so I carefully read the labels on everything I buy to eat or put on my skin, especially since the time I accidentally picked up a half-gallon of milk that purposely had fish in it. (?!)
  5. It’s very rare that I’ll look good in a picture. I don’t know why the photographic universe hates me so. I must have taken a horrible photo of someone in a past life, and am now being punished for it.
  6. I very often work very, very hard to do something well, even when it just isn’t that important because no one will really notice but me.
  7. My main addiction is to honest, homestyle, butter cake. Chocolate or cream cheese icing increases the attraction.

Now, these are some blogs I go back to again and again. I won’t worry about duplicates elsewhere, because this is an honest, though short (I don’t regularly read that many), list of blogs I like:

  1. Satsumabug’s art blog — She lets us follow her artistic process, and her growth as an artist and as a woman who makes art. It’s sometimes serious, sometimes fun, and her Friday Open Mic series is a wonderful gathering place for artists and anyone else who likes to read, observe, mingle and converse. And you don’t even have to comb your hair to attend!
  2. Folded Flat — Wonderful flash fiction. He’s not very prolific according to the blogging world, but Who Cares!! I love the way he crafts a story.
  3. The Urchins — I think there are three of them, and they seem to write about everything, from ultra-serious news to the fanciful. Their Story on a String series is pretty interesting. (They welcome guest writers, too.)
  4. Life As An Art Form — A positive, thoughtful place to visit. One needs that often.
  5. Rivenrod –Great writing. Smart, thoughtful, like black coffee– no sugar. Even when I find him inscrutable, I find him fascinating.
  6. singlemaltmonkey — He’s been recently freshly pressed, but don’t let that sway you! His writing is wonderful, his photography and art, more than easy on the eyes.
  7. Cocktails of History and Prose (recent name change) — “Real Pictures– Fake Stories.” Fun and novel.
  8. The Story River — Honest, beautiful writing.
  9. Write Way Up — I want to marry his About page.

Thanks again for the award, Anna!


15 thoughts on “Thank You. Thank You Very, Very Much.

  1. Well done to you, Ré and thank you very much for passing it on my way. That’s very kind and your comment about my blog much appreciated. I feel the pressure to deliver. Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Oh I love your blog list, and can’t wait to read through it and find more gems.

    Love your about-you list too. 🙂 If I’d known you loved butter cake, I would have made you one! I love it too!!!

  3. Thank you for adding my blog to your list; I feel humbled and undeserving. I’m very glad you and Lisa found the blog though because you both consistently give comments that make me think deeper about what I wrote. Now I’m going to go visit the blogs you list that I haven’t seen yet. The thrill of new universes to discover pulls me away from the work related tasks sitting on my desk, and I thank you for that, too!

    • You’re quite welcome, Lisa, and very deserving! I like how your writing gets me thinking deeper. Hope you enjoy sampling those new universes before geting back to work. 🙂

  4. Thank you! It’s always encouraging to know that someone out there is not only reading, but also enjoying what you write! And! Thank you for this list of blogs! I think all of The Urchins will enjoy perusing this list.

    – Margaret

    • You’re welcome, all! I hope you find something on my list that interests you. Also, I hope you’ll check out the two suggestions I made on Twitter! You can find the piece I wrote on NeuroKitchen here.

  5. LadySparks, you rock! Thanks for the shout-out! I better get back to my writing -fast! Still recovering. Still GreatFULL! I’m going to have to beat Lisa to that butter cake! 🙂

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