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More on My Struggle with Editing

Green Festival 2006 - Entrance

Image by Franco Folini via Flickr

I’ve just had an interesting conversation with someone about my last post. In my zeal to hone my editing skills, and my recent determination to keep my posts from being too long, she wondered if my motivations for writing this article were clear. Considering the tone of my blog and my continuing intention to meet a high level of integrity (even in my attempts at humor) I think it’s best to submit this follow-up to highlight what I had in mind:

1. I discovered the jewelry company, Brilliant Earth, a few years ago from an ad on the Co-op America website. The non-profit, Co-op America, which changed its name to Green America on January 1, 2009, has a very informative website for individuals interested in making living and purchasing decisions that support a more socially just, and eco-conscious society. I have attended the Green Festivals they have sponsored in Chicago for years. This afternoon I placed a call to Todd Larsen, who handles media inquiries for Green America, and asked about the research they do on the businesses who are listed in their green directory, The Green Pages. He assured me that the companies they feature are members of Green America who have been carefully screened as to their environmental and social practices before being approved for said membership. I had assumed this information for my article but should have made this call on Monday to make sure, and included something to this effect in my article.

2. Having done a fair amount of research on the other issues before writing the article, my main purpose was to inform consumers and provide a framework for independent research through the included links.

3. Brilliant Earth’s photos and link were included to highlight a business that may offer an eco-conscious and more socially responsible product. There are other businesses offering similar products (possibly in your own area) that may be found with an internet search. And although I am part of an email list that Brilliant Earth uses, my research was done independently using their website and the others that were mentioned. They knew nothing of my article, and offered me no compensation for writing it.

4. Someday I would love to be able to make a living as a writer, and one of the purposes of my blog is to exercise whatever creative as well as journalistic abilities I may possess. I would be glad if I can amuse myself and my readers in the process.

Lastly, yesterday I wanted to mention a petition that Brilliant Earth started at Change.org, to call for reform of the Kimberley Process. I didn’t want to be too strident and thought that if I found the link on their site, others who were interested would, too; but another thing I’ve learned is that when an issue is important, being seen as strident should be the least of my worries. I wanted to include a link to the petition on my sidebar, but Change.org’s widget is one of the kinds that WordPress changes, so it wouldn’t be a direct link to the petition. If you are interested in signing it, click here for the page on Brilliant Earth’s site where you’ll find their link to it.

Thanks for bearing with me while I exercise my skills and learn from my mistakes. I’m sorry that I didn’t make my motives clear in yesterday’s post.


4 thoughts on “More on My Struggle with Editing

  1. Your post seemed fine to me! Maybe different from some of what you’ve written before, but it didn’t sound to me like too much of a plug; when we write about consumer-related issues, it’s fairly inevitable that we’ll also end up discussing merchants and so forth.

  2. I actually enjoyed that post, for both it’s insight as well as information. You “brilliantly” brought some integrity to the process of unearthing something that figures so prominently when we’ve “found love” – the purchase of a diamond ring – something that many of us don’t consider because of the inconvenience, or for whatever other reason. I appreciated the knowledge! Thank you for raising awareness, no matter what the forum.

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