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William H. Macy, Why Didn’t I Know You Were Hot?

Thank you William H. Macy for your nude scene in the second episode of the television series, Shameless. My thanks also to the writer/writers of said episode for supplying you with this scene, and to Showtime for airing it.

Perhaps you’ve been naked before in a film or two, and I missed it somehow. Or maybe it wasn’t filmed in a way that did justice to your lusciousness — understated lusciousness, yes, but still the absolute right amount of sinewy muscles that flex when you move, and your un-obnoxious, perfectly executed washboard … this along with that beard and all the wonderful hair on your head! Oh my, I think it’s the hair that’s taking me over the top. Instead of sticking with the same hairstyle I wore as a teenager, I’m still loving some of the hair guys wore when I was younger. Mmm … I’ll give more thought to that later.

I have always thought you were cute (sorry to use such an insipid word, but you have struck me temporarily giddy) yet since Sunday, I’ve been spending a lot of time wondering about my sudden attraction to the look of your Frank Gallagher character. I have never been drawn out of a story before while you were acting. Actually, I wasn’t so much drawn out of this episode, as I was pulled farther into it. The scene at the bathroom door was priceless! And I was very much there with you. Well, at least I wanted to be. I know that you are an incredibly gifted actor, and it’s your skill that has made Frank feel so new and unfamiliar to me — but this attraction has taken me by surprise. I feel a bit faint as I write this …

Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

I do not have any desire at all for Frank Gallagher, the probably usually foul-smelling, awful person and awful father. But a man who looks like him would definitely turn my head; a man who looks like him after a bath; a man who looks like you with long hair and who has an interesting personality — like yours.

I suppose that’s enough. I should stop going on and on and just apologize to you for being so forward. I’m sorry that I don’t sound very sincere about it, but I honestly do understand that if women shouldn’t be seen so much, or shall I say so obviously, by men as sex objects, then men should be afforded that same respect by women. Therefore, I apologize for this superficial tribute. (I hope you noticed that I did acknowledge your artistry.) I also apologize to your wonderful wife and to your family. Please forgive me for, well, all this. And also for all the italicized words.

I will stop now, before I embarrass myself any further.

Very sincerely yours, always and completely,


28 thoughts on “William H. Macy, Why Didn’t I Know You Were Hot?

  1. I have been a William H. Macy fan for years. I have yet to see this new show though. I’ll have to tune in. There is something about him that seems so stable. Stable is sexy in my book. So, we both like carrot cake, the excellent, well made kind and, William H. Macy (who as cheesy as this may sound is also excellent and well made). Interesting, very interesting :). Nice post!

  2. LOL! Very funny…and sweet! You have a great writing voice…and yes, there is something about that guy….I always thought he came across so earnest and sincere and that was part of his attraction… Of course, I haven’t seen his nude scene yet. 😉

  3. Every time I see an ad for this show, all I can think is, “It’s sure great that David Johansson’s still getting work.” Then the show starts and it’s about a disfunctional family instead of the New York Dolls.

  4. Oh man, I wish I had cable now. Next thing I know you’ll be telling me all about some new HBO show with Gary Oldman in the buff and I will have to call Comcast immediately. And hey, I’ve never met a guy who didn’t like being told that he’s hot, especially when done with your kind of finesse 🙂 Great post!

  5. I don’t know the show, but I am quite curious, now.
    That is a nice photo of him with the party of kids. He does look sexy with his hair blowing in the fun. Rather sexy!
    Why apologize? I think men of all ages adore the fact that we women see them as sex objects. 🙂

  6. This made me chuckle. Heehee, the little kind of chuckle you get when you just know that something is going to make you smile and so you start laughing while you are forming your mouth into a smile.

    My parents watch this show, and I’ve seen bits and pieces. I must say, it is well-titled.

  7. *giggle* This reminds me of Meg Wood’s “Boyfriend of the Week.” I must say I wouldn’t mind this being a regular feature on your blog – highly entertaining!

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  9. I never thought of him that way…but I do like male nude scenes. They make up for all the gratuitous female ones! And hair, beard, YES! By the way thanks for ‘liking’ my post about Irena’s book. If you have time to share it with your facebook friends I’d be grateful – Irena is the victim of elder abuse and could really use the money – plus it IS a good book (no pics though)k.

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