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The Global and the Personal

LoganBerry Heritage Farm photo by UGArdener via Flickr

The Global: We all live together on this planet. There is no doubt about that. On some level, we all know this, even though our conversations are often peppered with references to our countries, our cities, our homes — as if these places are actually separate from the “other” places on Earth. I know, of course that we each have to take care of our own manageable space, because the hope is that if we do, these spaces can come together in a healthy and peaceful way. My concern is how often we forget the way one action in one place can diminish, or take away, the health choices that other people should have the right to make for themselves. This happens in so many areas of life on Earth; from people (even in my own country, the US) being deprived of clean water, to the right to choose to eat organic foods. So many areas of life that it’s easy to feel powerless to affect…

I’ve just signed a time sensitive petition that asks the US government to consider how important it is to help organic farmers continue to offer consumers a choice concerning which foods they want to consume. Are the financial desires of a corporation actually more important than the choices human beings should have the right to make about their own health? For more information from people who can explain this issue far better than I can, here is a link the Food Democracy Now! website. I hope you’ll understand this issue, and add your own voice to the petition.

Now for the Personal: My story, “West on 80, 1993” is featured today on Open Mic Friday at Satsumabug’s art blog.  Lisa’s blog captures her personal journey as an artist in such a wonderfully written, informative, and supportive way, that I’m sure any of us can find something there to identify with, think about, or spark a bit of creative flow — no matter what kind of art we want to create or experience. I hope you can visit, because I could use all the feedback I can get in order to hone my creative writing skills. I also hope that you might like the story. It’s different from the dreamy, purposely stilted feel of “Cowboy Heaven” which can be found in the Bits and Pieces section of my blog. “West on 80, 1993” is a more traditional short story. Thanks in advance if you can give it a look.

Me, with unidentified stranger, during my first visit to San Francisco in 1993


4 thoughts on “The Global and the Personal

    • Thank you! While you were here, I hope you took a little time to sign the Food Democracy Now petition — it’s time sensitive, and as a mom, this issue must be important to you, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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