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This Year’s Birthday Card From Sis

Downtown Chicago, close to work- Photo by Ré Harris

I got a job! Yay me! Studying lots of new information for my new retail gig, as well as crocheting sweaters with crossed fingers (for luck, quite a trick!) and trying, without much luck so far, to fight off a horrendous cold that has rendered me voiceless (I kid you not — my own daughter cannot decipher my squeaking over the phone, and the Mayo Clinic web site says that it can last for two weeks or more, and I shouldn’t attempt speech or even whisper if I want to get better!) has left this space a bit empty as of late. But I hope today’s post makes up for lost time and brings a chuckle.

On my birthday this year, my dear sister Angela continued our comic card tradition with one that is close to my heart. We are fans of “My Name is Earl“, “Dexter“, and “Lost” (“Lost” being much closer to my heart than hers, because I love the whole sci-fi, “Twilight Zone” genre so much and was so thrilled by its characters and beauty, that I fell for the promise of explanation made by its creators.) You can read my take on the “Lost” finale here. Her card combined these seemingly disparate elements to give me a finale equal to the one crafted by Lindelof and Cuse, but much more satisfying for me. She knows my sense of humor (and my need for closure) well! Here it is.


3 thoughts on “This Year’s Birthday Card From Sis

  1. Congratulations on the job and good luck on the preparations for it! Hope the crocheting is going well too. I’m sending health and good energy for your horrendous cold, and hope you’ll soon be in good voice again. 🙂

    Lost makes my head spin so much (in a good, but sleepless-making, way) that I stopped watching after Season 2. Someday I hope to watch the rest of the show!

    • Thanks for the good wishes!

      **The next paragraph contain a Non-Specific Spoiler — Read on only if that sort of thing doesn’t bother you!**

      I hope it doesn’t ruin your future possible “Lost” experience to know that you can just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the experience without memorizing the plot points.

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