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Stuffed Spider Alert!

This post is a week late. Sorry about that. I don’t want this to happen again, but I guess the reality is that sometimes there’s just too much life to dissect, do, study, address…

While downtown last Thursday, walking around Wabash and Erie, I noticed a large — large? I mean absolutely ginormous! — black spider going up the southwest corner of The Driehaus Museum. This lovely old building with what appears to be a gas lamp illuminating its porch, must have been the first point of attack for these gasp-inducing mutants, or….. it’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween.

The most fun thing about this encounter was the minute or two I waited before taking my picture. I watched while a couple of kids had their picture taken in front of it first. They were all smiles. When I was a kid, I would probably have been scared of it.

Of all the holidays, Halloween was the one I understood the least. Yes, I did like candy, but why on Earth did it make sense to anyone that little kids should go door-to-door and have to yell something at grown-ups, in order to get any? And there was no way to figure out what kind they had (okay maybe I was just a little weird) so I could save my humiliation for the households that had the good candy.  Mostly I got those (recycled from year to year) black and orange wrapped whatevers that I could trade to my little brother, two for one. When he was very young he liked quantity just a little bit more than quality. My mother made a devil costume for me the year I was in kindergarten, and looking back from this vantage point, I can see how cool the forked tail with the wire in it was. Of course, I hated the way the other kids kept looking at it, and wanting to touch the thing. Natural children’s curiosity, yes, but I think that scarred me for a long time. After that day, I never even trick or treated again. There were a few years when my brother would go out with two bags, and say I was sick or something. That didn’t last long. Then I was done. My enjoyment of Halloween became limited to watching “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and sneaking some of the candy we were giving out at my house.

In my adulthood, Halloween became the great dress-up occasion. I didn’t do it much, but at least I got the point. Later, on her first Halloween, my daughter helped hand out the best candy we could afford, dressed in my vintage black leotard from my first and only ballet class, and a pair of black kitty cat ears I made from a headband and construction paper. She loved it, the kids loved her, and she was too young to understand that she was tossing candy away with abandon.

Well, enough with the reminiscing. A happy and safe Halloween to you all! Thanks for stopping by, and in lieu of candy (because how could I make that work anyway?) here’s a picture of some of the turning leaves near my house.


2 thoughts on “Stuffed Spider Alert!

  1. Those leaves are beautiful! I enjoyed reading your Halloween reminiscences, such as they are. That spider would have completely freaked me out as a kid too. When I was younger I loved Halloween because I got to eat candy, which I was normally denied, and there were always homemade treats at school too. When I was 10 my best friend and I bonded while trick-or-treating, and for years after that, dressed as twins for the holiday. So I have a lot of good memories. But Halloween has been disappointing in my adulthood. 😦 Tomorrow I’ll be with family having lots of food, which is celebration and party enough for me. 🙂

  2. I love Hallowe’en. I’m in it for the candy … when I was a kid, this guy chose trick and I was like “WTF am I supposed to do?? LOL

    Spiders.. esp LARGE spiders..? *shudders*

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