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A Little Fashion on a Thursday Evening

A free mini fashion show at Macy’s State Street Chicago store, was a nice balm for the end of this October week. It’s good to keep up with current fashion, decide what you like and what will work for you, even if you do have to file away the information for future reference. I came away with a little wish list and some inspiration to fuel my creative juices.

I got there before the event kicked off at 5:30pm, and sampled some of the refreshments before finding a spot on a chair-high display shelf that served as seating for we few who got there early. The first thing that caught my eye were the Kind Plus bars. I decided to save mine for lunch tomorrow. Next to the bars they were giving away these lovely pins that simply said “Kind,” and because this is such a wonderful sentiment for these often not so kinder, gentler times, it immediately won a prominent place on my tote bag.

I had some friendly conversation with two very nice, stylish women that I had the pleasure of sitting with. One had a darling little girl who had brought along a book. How I love to see kids reading! When there was standing room only, a woman walked by, smiled and quipped, “Is this the VIP section?” As far as I was concerned, the evening had definitely kicked off to a great start.

The show began with a short introduction that promised us a representation of the best of fall’s fashions with lots of different fabrics, new ways to wear denim, some of last fall’s trends updated for this season, and the news that sequins aren’t just for night-time anymore. They showed a flowy, abstract lace tank with sequins that I would definitely wear in the afternoon with a pair of jeans, and there was also a very sheer black lace t-shirt that caught my eye. There were basic black tux-like suits, supple tweeds, short skirts and tight dresses, sky-high heels, tall boots, a deliciously loose and drapey black cardigan sweater with folk inspired designs, and an obvious resurgence of the ’40s style padded shoulder. (Fine for some I’m sure, but mine are too broad to pull that off!)

The ambience and glamour were a welcome gift, and some of the clothes were quite nice, but the image that really left its mark on me was the black embossed coat with colorful pop art shapes at the bottom front and sides, and floral embroidery on the back yoke. It certainly turned my head. When I looked for it, to see it close up, I discovered there were two styles. Because I prefer natural fibers, I’m always interested in fabric content, and these say they’re made of 64% cotton and 36% polyester with a polyester lining. It’s hard to find an all cotton coat, so I’m still smitten. Here’s a picture I took of them on the rack:

After the show, I drifted over to the glorious atrium that’s been at the center of this State Street building ever since its days as the historic Marshall Fields store. I was so glad to have camera in hand so I could point it upward and capture this last image. I hope it delights you as much as it does me.


One thought on “A Little Fashion on a Thursday Evening

  1. Love the colors (and collars) on those coats! And wow… what a ceiling.

    I’ve been trying to uncover my personal style lately, which is difficult since I rarely go clothes shopping and am not good enough at sewing yet to make my own clothes. One of these days I will get around to embellishing my existing garments to make them more “me.” 🙂

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