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A Brief Musing on the Attraction Of Tiny Hats

Satanica's Tiny Hat from Etsy.com

The tiny hat is most often worn by a woman as an adornment which serves no useful purpose. Unlike the barrette, it does not serve to fasten together bits of hair to facilitate a certain choice of style. Nor does it shield delicate skin from the ravaging rays of a sun from which we, here on Earth, no longer receive ecologic protection. It cannot be kept upon the head, against wind and gravity, by hugging the circumference of one’s noggin, and so must have tiny combs attached, be pinned carefully or have an attached elastic or ribbon that may secure it either beneath the back of the hair, or primly under one’s chin. The sole purpose of the tiny hat is to adorn. Its ornamental power to increase the attractiveness of its wearer, has secured its place among us as a thing prized and reached for, perhaps not with the regularity of the earring or the necklace, but often when the shorthand of the mildly dramatic gesture is called for.

It becomes apparent to me that while the tiny hat may not serve a useful purpose, it does hold some power over us. This strange, reflexive way it has of holding our attention is immediately evident in the sight of Simon Adebisi, the character from the prison show “Oz,” wearing his own gravity defying version of the tiny hat. Despite this one’s lack of fashionable finesse, who among us can resist the sight of it, wondering whether some fixative was employed in its unyielding placement on the side of his bald head, or feeling the desire to know that it was sheer will that held it there. I wonder if some of the appeal of the tiny hat is to the part of us that wants the little thing, or the little guy, to triumph over difficulty. Hmmmn…..


9 thoughts on “A Brief Musing on the Attraction Of Tiny Hats

  1. This made me smile. I have an ugh/cool response to these tiny hats! When I see them in stores or in magazines I roll my eyes and think, “Ugh, how ridiculous,” but then when I started making hair clips, I found myself channeling a little tiny-hat flavor into my larger creations! I guess you’re right — whatever they are, we can’t help but be fascinated with them! How do they stay on?!

  2. I tried one on just the other day. I looked so, so FABulous! and then I thought, who the f*** am I kidding? I mean, where in the world woud I wear the thing? But still, I WANTED it! It had thin wispy feathers and a net that came down over the eyes. Ooh la la!
    But I didn’t get it. I don’t go anywhere that would justify a little hat, damnit. If I wear it in front of my man, he’d just laugh. Maybe I could just buy it and wear it in the car, turn the rearview mirror my way and pose?

    • Maybe have a friend take your picture in it. Sometimes when I see a blouse or something that I just have to have, I realize that I only really want a record of it. I want a picture of me wearing it like one of those beautiful artistic photos from Vogue. My own private magazine where I can see myself in all the things I’ve no place to wear… or would look awful in at the wrong angle.

  3. Just took a look at this post for the first time. LOLOL! That guy kind of does look ridiculous with that tiny hat. Looks like I could blow it over with just one breath! Some fashion I just fail to understand. Good day!

    • I don’t know if Adebsi’s hat (on the HBO prison show, “Oz”) was about fashion or not, but it was facsinating. (I get a LOT of searches about that hat that end up here. A lot of us are trying to understand it, I guess!) Thanks for reading.

  4. I recall the scene in will and grace when will wondered why a man coulden’t
    look good in a pill box hat. Then he looled in the mirror and said “Hello Reason”

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