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My Super Card to Sis

Here is the card I put together for my sister’s birthday this year. It’s back story includes her glowing recommendation of the “Wolverine” movie, which unfortunately got some awful reviews. When I heard her rhapsodize about the glorious big-screen shirtlessness of some of the action scenes, I realized my mistake in waiting to see it on television. She and I do appreciate all sorts of art, and we’ve enjoyed our share of art house films and the spirited, coffeehouse conversations that we always hope will follow, but we really liked the first “Transformers” movie and this “Wolverine.” When her birthday came around, I knew just what her card would be.

Some other things you should know about it are that she is a graphic designer but I am not (my skills in that regard definitely don’t match my imagination), it turns out that she finds the other actor in the card to be kind of irritating so I lucked up on that, and at the bottom of the last page I signed it “Love, Sis.” It was a big card that mostly printed out well, but on-screen there’s more blur to part of it, so when the next screen comes up, you might want to draw it in, make it a little smaller. So without further ado, here is the card (comic book?) I put together for her. I hope it amuses. Angela’s 2010 Birthday Card From Me


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