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Prelude to Some Funny Birthday Greetings

Last year my sister unknowingly started a birthday “thing” among our family, with our homemade cards.

I had been making my own cards for a few years, tailored somewhat to the recipient, but I admit that they were also a little mushy. What can I say? I’m unabashedly sentimental. Maybe I’m a little like Gene Simmons in that I’m family oriented and a little clean-cut in my personal habits, but I can still rock out and appreciate some stuff that would make my daughter say, “Wait, what?”

Anyhow, back to my sister. The picture here is of my 2009 birthday card from her. She knew how much I liked “Lost”, and Sawyer, so she made this just for me. I loved it so much that it’s constantly on display in my living room, and it inspired her birthday card from me this past summer, which I’ll share in a future post.

Now I’m new to the blogging thing, and usually afraid to break rules that could get me into hot water, but I’m tired of living in the slow lane. So if any famous person or entity gets ticked off about the pictures we’ve used, please just let me take them down, and give a girl a break! Okay?

And to my readers, I hope this one and the ones to come give you a chuckle.


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