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And Now For Something Completely Different…

Indian lotus flowers in Madurai

Image by Thachan.Makan via Wikipedia

This quick post is about armpits.  Sort of.

The other day, while I was downtown, I decided to pamper myself by collecting some free samples on the first floor of Marshall Field’s.  Oh all right! Macy’s.  The last time I’d done this was years ago, and the very thought of it brightened a corner of my day.

As a long time label-reader who’s been learning more and more about the toxicity of some cosmetics ingredients , I quickly (and somewhat sadly) realized that knowing something about which ingredients may be benign and which are probably bad for me and the environment, was going to significantly change my level of enjoyment for this particular activity.  So, after taking a tour around the cosmetics department to see if anything was new,  I went over to the Merz Apothecary department.  One still has to be careful about reading the labels there, but your chances of finding something more natural are much better.  I forgot about trying to collect take-home samples and just sniffed some of the perfumes, tried some hand cream, and lingered over the enticingly old-fashioned displays.  Unexpectedly, I spied something I hadn’t seen before, Lifestinks deodorant.  There’s a milder and a stronger version, and it’s made by a local company called Duggan Sisters. They’re two real sisters, who are dedicated to the health benefits of a more non-toxic way of living , which I found out by visiting their website at http://www.duggansisters.com. Their deodorant contains only three ingredients– aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, tea tree oil, and either lavender oil or cedarwood oil.  It’s reasonably priced (for someone with income) and comes in a small, sleek stainless steel sifter can that you can purchase refills for and use over and over again.  You can even carry it in your purse if you need to reapply during the day. When I completely run out of the deodorant I use now, I’m definitely going to try this.

Even though as a society we don’t ever want to be aware of someone else’s armpits, some of us don’t want to jeopardize our future health to make others happy; and there are some of us who have problems with skin sensitivity. Anyway, I like to share when I make a discovery that others may also be interested in.  If anyone has tried it, or tries it out before I’m able to, let me know.


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