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Hot Evening, August

Cat's Eye

Image by Louis Abate via Flickr

This day has been long for me, but I’m sure that for at least a half a world of other people, it’s been just as difficult. I don’t find any solace in that; it just feels right to acknowledge it. My wish is that we all have interesting days that excite us in some way, and when they don’t– when they drag on and pull us down– they at least give us something worthwhile to focus on and look forward to.

I listened to music on the walk home from the bus stop. It helped with the transition from aggravation, hot sun, and just a little sadness — to meowing Kitty rolling on her back to show how happy she is to see me. I petted her little head, before I began to peel away and put away the outer layers of stuff I dragged home, along with the thin clothes that had still felt too hot in this day’s heavy humidity. A little later, while washing my feet with cold water, I started thinking about Fantasia Barrino and suicide and Lady Gaga’s fear that her creativity can be taken from her through her vagina (a fear that every honest woman can understand.) I said a little prayer for us all, silently, before finding dinner for Kitty and me, and pouring fresh water into her dish.


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