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David Letterman Show

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On the band’s MySpace page, I found a You Tube video of Augustana performing “I Still Ain’t Over You” on David Letterman. Thought I’d share it with whoever’s listening.

I’ve always thought the Letterman show had immense credibility when it came to booking really good artists and giving us a great-looking and great-sounding experience with their music. I haven’t been watching it as much as I want lately, because of a particularly persistent bout of insomnia. I keep hoping that if I watch more soporific stuff on tv it’ll help me drift off. And from the previous post, it must be obvious that music excites me. The sleep will probably go however it will, so maybe I’ll compromise with myself in the future by at least checking who’s scheduled to appear before I decide what to watch.

I remember seeing Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics perform something I liked a lot and then, on the couch, tell Letterman a bizarre (and side-splitting) story about the nervous breakdown he had after his baby was born. His wife had to visit him later with the baby on the psychiatric floor, and his therapist was trying to get him to invest in a strange light machine… and I just wish You Tube had been invented a lot earlier because it was way funnier than it sounds here. Letterman didn’t seem sure if it was okay to laugh or if the poor guy might be on the verge of another breakdown right there on national tv.

I also saw Lyle Lovett sing “Friend of the Devil” on Letterman, and it’s been one of my favorites ever since. It’s definitely going on my first album. (Insert a somewhat indignant tone here)– It could happen!


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